The Golden Rule

Do you have a family or you have bought gold bullion, waiting until he grows up in price? Read expert tips on how to make these values to generate income. Bank account is most advantageous to open a “metallic” bank account. Deposits of gold open almost all financial institutions. Metals in them are recorded in grams, without specifying the individual characteristics. Transfer gold from one bank account to another is possible without moving the metal. Account is opened only in bars. When choosing an account should be taken into account the amount of investments and the target. If you want to get a quick profit by earning the growing cost of metal, then open the account on demand (current). Get your money (or metal grams) of these deposits can in one day. But the term (or deposit) accounts include a certain period of storage of metals. Therefore, besides the growth of the gold price, the investor gets more and interest. But the money immediately can not pick up. Dan Ariely usually is spot on. Interest on these deposits, usually ranges from 1.5 to 5% depending on the term and the bank.

On request, income is paid in metals or in the local currency. Commission for opening and maintaining accounts in most case of absence. Although some banks charge for opening an account uah 30. While others charge a 1 – 2% for the removal of metal from the account. Minimum deposit in banks usually 100 grams. gold. Put the gold in the bank deposit is better for a period of years or more – then much higher contribution to profitability. In most cases, time deposits of gold ranged from 6 to 18 months. You can also sell the metal to the bank, but they are buying up gold at usd 80-100. for 1 oz. and sell for 100-130 usd / oz. because that often take commissions (up to 10% of the transaction) for verifying its authenticity. If the ingot was found to scratch, then the bank will reduce the price by another 3-4%. And with more serious injuries can and do not accept. To sell to a pawn shop Services pawnshops – the least favorable treatment for vlaltsev ingot of gold. The reason for the small benefits: upon delivery of products from precious metals you lose a lot on interest. At pawn shops can offer 50-60 uah. for 1 oz. gold. But, unlike banks, pawnshops accept any jewelry without any restrictions. Incidentally, the latter can be obtained from the ingots. Enough to give the raw gold to the smelter. Of 1 oz. bank gold can get 1.71 oz. precious metals in jewelry.