Diabetes Health And Our Children

We know what is diabetes (diabetes), it’s terrible to be attacked by the disease and in turn what should I do to get out of it if we can or at least back as far as can be with her arrival and limitations on our “modus vivendi” in addition to all this we know that in a very high percentage is a bad genetics. So … … .. we know beforehand that our children and our grandchildren are eligible to take the “title” of diabetes and if it also is the lack of physical exercise in their daily lives and perhaps a little overweight , there are all conditions that sooner or later be diagnosed as diabetics. It is our duty as parents that we are starting an endless battle to stop or delay the period in which they can live without that evil. What parent does not want the best for your child? But wanting is not enough only to do, and we care about their education, their food also of health. The problem usually arises when a young age not because it is easier direct them to a healthier life for them but if it develops at an older age as between 10 and 15 years or more, the downside is much greater because they are more autonomous in decisions to eat and what to do . At that age it is not we who are going to set life, a diet or fitness we can only propose and it is they who accept or discard the ideas and often reject them as there is in them an awareness that is living with diabetes (diabetes).