Food For Dogs And Their Training

When we bring a puppy home, we are tempted to treat him as a human being, and we can never forget that they are animals and we must educate them as animals, not wanting this mean that we do not want and give them lots of affection. If not we trained from pups can create, unwittingly, a pet tyrant who becomes the master of the house. The lunch and food are basic in the training process. On one side is the routine and discipline to impose them when eating. One of the first rules of coexistence that will be imposed is that the animal has to eat even after their owners, respecting the household hierarchy. They must learn that human beings are the owners and they are subordinate.

Must follow a strict routine with regard to food and should not feed them when requested. Only when the owners have eaten and collected. To keep them healthy and strong need to take quality. Moreover, food as a reward is one of the bases of the processes training. To reward dogs for good behavior there are some special treats for pets. Should not be given treats for humans, since they are harmful, even toxic to your health. They can also reward small bits of food that they like too. But it never should be given food when the owners are eating because they get used, or pieces of bones, which are dangerous for them and can choke or damage the digestive system.