Hurricanes And Cyclones

The hurricane is a powerful storm that produces fast ventosextremamente. In the reality, the hurricane is a cyclone (a depression) deforte intensity. When the hurricane reaches the continent, it provokes chuvastorrenciais of great intensity in a short interval of time. The hurricanes are formed later that the rays of the incidemdurante Sun some days on the ocean, provoking the heating of the arsituada mass of next to its liquid surface, when its humidity if raises. In the interior of hurricanes, the 117 winds vary of km/h 300km/h.

According to its intensity, the diameter of the hurricane can reach the 2,000 quilmetrose can be dislocated for some thousands of kilometers. Some are dislocated to the speed of 20 25km/h, although the extreme speed of makes ventosque it to turn. A curious fact and notable are that in the center eye of the hurricane atempestade is calmer. In this zone, the pressure is very low, being able ocorrerventos of only 30 km/h. Cyclone: it is a violent storm that occurs in quese forms in waters tropical and hot and it system of area of low atmospheric pressure in its center can arrive at one velocidadede120km/h, osventos blows for inside of this center with closed circulation forming famosoolho of the cyclone, in the hemisphere North, the winds turns in the counter-clockwise direction; in the South, the clockwise one.

ExtratropicalSistema cyclone of area of low atmospheric pressure in its center. Also called detempestade extratropical, 12km/h can arrive, it is generally consideradoum migratory cyclone found in the averages and high latitudes. TropicalSistema cyclone of area of low atmospheric pressure. Beyond if developing on asguas tropical due ace high temperatures and humidity, it if put into motion deformed circular organized. Depending on the sustentation winds of the surface, the phenomenon can be classified as tropical disturbance, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane or tufo. In the photo, the tropical cyclone Fay, de2004, on the coast the northwest of the Austrlia.CONDIES PRECURSORS OF the DEVELOPMENT OF a TROPICALTemperaturas CYCLONE oceanic of 27oC or hotter; Humid and very hot air; Little vertical shear in first the 15 km.