Pregnancy Detection

There are simple and affordable methods of detecting pregnancy. Of course, full warranty does not give any one approach, and the final conclusion, you can only get after examining physician and additional examination at the clinic. But in the first 10-12 days of menstruation, even in a specialized facility can not give an exact answer for a pregnancy. If menstruation does not occur in the expected day, starting with the next morning, you can measure the temperature in the rectum. Ordinary medical thermometer must enter into the rectum immediately after waking up. In this case you can not get out of bed – It is advisable to put thermometer near the bed. Night's sleep should be at least 6 hours. Thermometer is introduced for muscle contraction anus to a depth of 2 cm for 5-7 minutes.

Fix reading. Procedure should be carried out daily for 7-10 days. If the temperature in the rectum consistently exceeds 37 C, then this is evidence in favor of a possible pregnancy. At a delay of menstruation for 3 days or more, you can use the test for early diagnosis pregnancy. It is simple and fairly reliable.

The accuracy of the answer will be higher if you spend a study of 2-3. The basis of test is a chemical reaction to a particular hormone (human chorionic gonadotropin – HCG), which starts to develop in women during pregnancy. To study the better to take the morning portion of urine: after a night's sleep hormone concentration and its decay products increases. You can also pass urine determination of the quantitative content of hCG in the clinic. And here was 3-4 weeks, you'll see that the temperature in the rectum is stable above 37 C, a pregnancy test twice, gave a positive result. At the same time you feel well, subjective disorders are not, you feel a burst of energy, emotional lift. Should I go to the antenatal clinic? Worth it. In the first place – to make sure that the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus. The fact that the very conception occurs outside the uterus, and the fertilized egg has to reach the place of implantation in the fallopian tube. And if the way of ovum of obstacles in the form of restrictions in the fallopian tube or tubal corner of uterus or a fertilized egg is too long promoted the fallopian tube, and the fertilized egg is already too large for the lumen of the fallopian tube, it does not fall into the uterine cavity. There is ectopic, or ectopic, pregnancy. Keep in mind that an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages gives exactly the same qualitative response as uterine: they are universal for pregnancy in general.