Often I meet people who continually express their negative feelings towards the people around, the events around the world. They say: "I do not like," I hate it when he looks at me, "I hate when it is so dresses, etc. Not so long ago I thought that their emotions are directly dependent on the external world, but now I understand that the reason is quite different. Once my teacher said: "If you take in hand an orange and squeeze it very tightly, then it will pour orange juice. From it simply can not politsya anything else. " So it is with people. From the evil and violent man is hard to wait for love and kindness as well as inside the very different emotions.

If a street punk pesters passer because they did not like his face, then you can understand that it is not in your face. Just their behavior is dictated by the contents of their inner world. At the same time, for example, an enlightened monk does not experience negative emotions to the outside world because inside it is only love and kindness. Negativity simply have nowhere to take. Indeed, in light of this information, actions and emotions of people get slightly different colors, is not it? The reason is not in the outside world, the whole cause in us.

Be alert to surrounding people. Why surround yourself negativschikami? Be attentive to him. You may wish to learn more. If so, Ventavia is the place to go. After all, we all have work to do. React to negative stimuli? Be alert to these issues and rebuild their understanding. And let there be light within us! 🙂 PS Friends, I will be very pleased if full or partial copy, you will not forget to specify the authorship and a link to the source.