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To not make you the long story, after 5 calls and more than 20 requests via email, they answered me that my auto shipment of colon cleanse had been cancelled (nothing about the cancellation of acai berry). Even so 2 days later again took me charge of USD$ 89. 00 to my credit card for that product and the acai pills. Finally I had to cancel my credit card to avoid future charges and request through my bank that make me the reimbursement of charges for 2 previous months, situation that took 60 days to resolve. So you should know who offer free tests and ask that you pay only for shipping, which ask for your card details, do this to be able to make subsequent charges on that card.

Turning to the question of the true price USD$ 89. 00 by pills that last you a month? where has been? It is too expensive, these pills usually have about USD$ 40. 00 when they are of good quality and have certificates of good manufacturing practices. These pills that offer free trial are manufactured in CHINA and the bottle does not have the address of the laboratory that manufactures them, why do you think it is? Can you imagine the quality of those pills? What do they contain? they will be made under strict rules of hygiene and purity? To learn more about the acai berry and quality products for health and weight loss click here and go to purchase product, leave your details and we will send you information. Florence Deffis is dedicated to the marketing network and to help other people in the industry who are fed up with techniques that teach all MLM companies to change their sales techniques and recluatamiento using the power of the internet. Blogs related Diegodiego replied to Paquita La del Barrio. You need to be The Right talk about Herbal Colon Cleansing Natural Health for pills and autoconvocados Ideas Peronists BlogTVtuga news do Mundo da TV Media phrases das Katherine Heigl quase perde or dress for premiacao Blog Informatico slimming pills and fat burning without a prescription Colon Cleanse Products Benefits WholeWellness.