The love would be the youngest child of its children. More information is housed here: supermodel. Had to its fatigue, after in such a way work, God, then, were forgotten this creation. To correct its esquecimento, the All Powerful one, it looked at for the high one and it saw the brightness of the sun and the moon. A great smile sprouted of its lips when perceiving that the sun and the moon wanted to namorar.

God then, created the night with its moonlight to enchant dosapaixonados hearts e, made the day with shining of the sun to heat the fire dapaixo as in one I hug. Despite the time insisted on separating them, for more painful greater and quefosse the absence of one and another one, more and more the love joined its together hearts …… with certainty has to be. The life, suffered, would go to stone them for the perfection of the imperfects tense. The biggest gift that God gave to the human being, with as much love, that of seucorao he overflew of emotion was when seeing the sun to hug the moon when anoite arrived softly, bringing I obtain all majestical beauty to doluar, while a sun ray teimava in leaving the horizon, crying, for the departure, but left to blossom the new joy pra of returning following nodia, bringing inside of the chest and making the love to be born. Thus, the love was born! Although the day if goes and the night comes, they would never leave of if loving. When we love, the years and all the sufferings of the separation never will be capable to erase that feeling of love. Pass the time that to pass, alive the life that to live, one day, as in a solar eclipse its hearts has of if finding.