Highway of Life

E you, as have walked? For the seedbeds central offices of this highway of the life, where people go and come back for the ways of access you, or you have preferred to walk for the acostamentos of the life? If on the other hand or for another one, the people fatally pass fast excessively for you, despite you are in the acostamento, rare somebody will go to stop to know of you, not to be that the person is stopped by some barrier, she loses the control of itself and she stops without an apparent reason (to the eyes of the others), or parks for finding that it is hour to stop and to remake the way. Perhaps the difference to be in the central seedbed is that you are more visible and displayed to the judging looks and apreciadores. Already, who remains in the acostamentos of the life, that it is not to the edge of it, but prefers not to reveal nor if to display in such a way. It prefers to be there, walking (many times in the complete solitude? body, soul and heart), under rain and sun, waiting its moment. It is when the life surprises and suddenly somebody that comes or goes hasty for the life (because it finds that the first one is the only if it plays of head, or that the first person who extends the hand is and the most good most confident one because was opportunist in the first chance that had, or that the love that they donate it is the greater of the world, making to forget it love that has to donate to as many people around). Then, somebody with love haste, flavor, to be successful, being express happy, summarily successful, leaves for the acostamentos of the life or stops in the central seedbed Who passes that way, passes without perceiving the look of who was motionless in the way it way, or it time (that sub is implacable in some conditions human beings? either of accidental physical health or emotional health). But who is there, of the other side of this saw, leaned, well close, easily enxerga all situation, it looks at with predilection, and if it loans to the other. ' ' the important one is this: to be ready for, at any time, sacrificing what it is for what could come ser' '. Therefore, who goes for the acostamentos of the life has yes its value. Perhaps little (or none) for who never it needed, but essential and inexplicable for who it needed, at that accurate moment of a human and true look under its life, its problem, its pain, its difficulty, its sadness, its illness, its fragility of human being At last, and you there, as have walked? He does not go so fast, he does not run the eminent risk to run over the feelings of who walks for the acostamentos of the life, passing over who he could be permanently to your side, becoming present in your life making to know, and to feel you the love, the respect, the affection and the friendship For the meaning that is and has importance, and not only for the utility to have something (physical or material beauty) to only offer to you

Charles Darwin

This upheaval also is known as autstica psicopatia or upheaval esquizide of infancy. Although the upheaval or syndrome of Asperger to have some differences in relation to the autismo, its symptoms, for times, if is similar this, therefore one of the main ones is the difficulty of social interaction, searchs for the isolation and look ' ' perdido' ' , beyond these, it presents lack of empatia, very literal interpretation of the language, difficulty with changes, perseverao in estereotipados behaviors. However, this can be conciliated with normal or high cognitivo development. In way to the great names or personalities of the History that possuam strong traces of the syndrome of Asperger, we can cite the physicists: Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein, the Mozart composer, the philosophers Scrates and Wittgenstein, the naturalist Charles Darwin, renascentista painter Michelangelo, cineastas Stanley Kubrick and Andy Warhol and the chess player/xadrezista Bobby Fischer. The diagnosis of the SA is complex in virtue of that exactly through the use of some instruments of evaluation a clinical examination does not exist detects that it.

The diagnosis criteria can be evaluated under the CID-10 of the OMS, of Szatmari, of Gillberg and Critrio de Descoberta de Attwood & Gray. However, it has still great controversy of SA is a distinct and separate upheaval or if it is equivalent to the Autismo of high functionality, or same to other conditions (as the personality upheaval esquizide). Still we have that to consider that the diagnosis of the SA in adult individuals is a difficult and inexact task, a time that adult individuals with SA or AAF already had learned of rational form to mask its social errors. When distracted they demonstrate the SA symptoms, but if concentrated in a specific social interaction, as the relationship with the psychoanalyst at the moment of the test, can behave of pparently normal form.