Life Lessons

Here is the second article on life lessons, which is about momentum, why we have it, and never lose it. The text base where I was in English, and he named this text momentuma a , so the most accurate Spanish translation I found for this word was a impetua which refers to the energy and effectiveness with which he works something, or it could understand the motivation or passion that drives you to do something. Kenneth R. Feinberg does not necessarily agree. SECOND LECCI “N OF LIFE: Never lose the momentum. To begin, we contarea the story of Bill Levitt, a pioneer in the construction industry, who became rich after having built suburbs on Long Island, New York, but who later lost his fortune. One day at a party, Donald Trump, who at that time was in its heyday as an investor and real estate developer, Bill was sitting and approached him thinking it might need a friend who hablar.a When asked what had happened, he answered a Perdi my momentum.

Bill sold his business for a hundred million dollars, bought a yacht and a house in southern France and left. Years later, he got bored and bought back his business, but it went down. His business had changed, times had changed but he remained the same. At that time, turn to see Donald and says a Oeno lose your momentum. Years later, Donald was invited to dinner but I was exhausted and weary of arguing with bankers all day, did not want to go.