Year Round Tourism

Getting to do tourism in Mendoza is simple buses depart regularly from the most important cities of Argentina and airplane also from these cities or from the main destinations of the continent. The province is divided into 18 departments each one offers a different landscape, a special activity different and in each of them the beauty of nature, rich in its history, and the warmth of its inhabitants. Surely your first destination will be the city of Mendoza, modern but with colonial airs, this city is active during the day and during the night. It is the venue for interesting cultural events. There as a main natural attractions is the Cerro de la Gloria and is the gateway to the best adventures towards the mountains or forests. From there you could choose to reach Guaymallen which is located a few kilometers and gives you extensive plains to horseback riding between forests and water courses, beautiful vineyards, where to begin the adventure of the mendocino wine farms where knowing the true local culture and the dynamism of one of the most populated cities in the province. You can then know Godoy Cruz, where begins the path to the flavors of Mendoza.

The vineyards and farms where gastronomy has lead role joined in the city which has a beautiful casino. Maipu will be the next destination from the previous or the city of Mendoza. This is an area of crops, among them the most important wine and olives, but fruits and vegetables, walk along the same paths that their wines, recognized around the world. Now the province is doors to choose destinations do you like? Nautical sports, extreme sports, peace and its landscapes, history, culture Lujan’s whose and Las Heras closely have their urban areas, thence tourism in Mendoza is infinite. If you like the North, you will find the towns of Lavalle, with its lagoons of fishermen who have as many stories as legends to tell you. Also this is area of mountains, valleys and mountain ranges. If you called the East, away from the Cordillera de los Andes, to explore the beautiful villages of San Martin, where you can learn the history of the province; Junin, ideal to enjoy the summer; Rivadavia, a blue and green oasis in near desert territory; Santa Rosa, the place of the best honey; and La Paz, a haven that does honor to its name.

And still missing to make tourism in Mendoza by the Cordillera de los Andes and the impressive Valle de Uco formed by San Carlos, Tupungato and Tunuyan. And the South of the province that next to the mountains and the towns of San Rafael, General Alvear and Malargue boost to winter sports and extreme sports. If you like this information, recommend this article to your friends and family.