For various reasons, everyone has to take responsibility himself. There are thousands of personal issues that each of us has to deal with along the way. It would be a lack of common sense to expect that others come to solve them. In recent months, Gunnar Peterson has been very successful. They could not because they also have their own personal tasks. That’s why that one expects to see that those who adhere more to their personal interests are happier. And it seems a paradox discover that people with greater self-esteem is the least happy. One suddenly cannot be explained that contradiction.

They are those taking more care of themselves. They are almost always put their personal interests above the outside needs. And it is not unusual to pass over the rights of others if they have to do it. These people are convinced that must not suffer for anyone not to be by themselves. But despite spending so much time to his own person, they hardly find satisfaction in life. However, simply place a second time looking in the way in which these people lead their lives. That is enough to understand why suffer so much.

And the reason is unexpectedly simple. Imagine that almost all you want in this world is to satisfy their own interests. Those interests of adults so often complex requiring all your effort. And they also require the participation of others. So would them very well that others put according to their affairs. And therein lies the problem, the great paradox. They have an inner world that only rotates to her around. But outside there is a world that by natural law revolves almost exclusively around the interests of others. Penalties the individual issues interest you! How far is the egocentric ideal world. This is how an adult in love with himself built his unhappiness. Wears life, every moment, every day, every year.