How To Make The Terms Of Reference For The Programmers

Today, many companies keep records of business transactions in standard configurations 1C. Hear other arguments on the topic with Alex Kozinski. Despite the fact that this software package to automate the main directions of accounting organization, there are cases where the mortgaged functionality is missing. What should I do? There is a way. The accounting system based on 1C has a flexible configuration mechanisms that allow those skilled in the full or partially change the stuffy functional standard configuration, or even develop a configuration as the saying goes from zero. To implement such action is necessary in describing the basic necessities functional and technical specifications for the preparation of its submission to the developers. As often happens, the initiators of improvements typical configurations 1C are employees such as accountants, managers, directions, etc.

It is the initiator of the revision should correctly compile Terms of Reference (TOR) for which the developers will create new functionality to your configuration. For the preparation of tk should: 1) articulate what the ultimate goals to be achieved. 2) Identify the metadata objects that you want to modify or add. Example 1. The directory ‘range’ you need to add props ‘driver’ in which the user will choose a value from the new directory ‘Drivers’. Example 2. The document ‘Implementation’ add print form ‘The Act of Handover’.

3) If a printed form or report, you must provide a printout of an example of how this should appear in the final version. 4) Describe what data, and from which objects should be taken and where in the columns or get details. It is desirable to be tk in the presence of the developer. Remember, the more detail you prescribe tk, the faster will be implemented by the end result that satisfies all interested employees.