It would allow to move away many of those problems that finish suitably being taken care of them not to have recognized. If you are not convinced, visit Cindy Crawford. We could call to this ” to him; Promotion of a countable, financial preventive health or legal”. In the three cases, the promotion of that ” health preventiva” she would be extremely attractive and in addition it would mean a good strategy to maintain presence in the mind of his prospectuses or clients. After all it implies to always diversify the package of benefits orienting them to offer solutions and not ” services to secas” where one, like client can see reflected problematic or a personal opportunity, and that it responds to the key question: what has for me? This one is only an example. how many things can more be implemented? The sky is the limit. It is enough to have imagination and to study to the market; to understand what people are looking for and to provide it suitably. Utility to count on a site? Publication of a bulletin or articles on financial, countable or legal culture.Including a gratuitous basic manual or a glossary of technical terms, explained of simple and pleasant a form, that allow to count on a simple knowledge but practitioner. Cases of study.Description of the process of work with some client in who they are clearly shown the antecedents, the used strategy and the reached positive results.

Testimonies of clients.In order to consolidate credibility and confidence. In almost all these cases of using the resources multimedia it would give advantages, since the materials would be more attractive and dynamic. Podcast, for example, with tip or advice of the week for the promotion of a countable, financial or legal culture would be an implementation simple and easy to produce. Personally I have not found something similar to this, except in financial services and mainly produced by banks, houses of stock market, and some blogs on personal finances. In summary the benefits to use Internet in order to sell services they would be based on: To generate exhibition. To generate credibility. To extend the supply and to describe it without restrictions, aporvechando in addition the resources multimedia to make it more explicit and interesting. To make possible a more direct contact, to promote the communication and retroalimentacincon the clients and prospectuses to a very low cost. Something that the traditional publicity cannot do.