Dreams Come True

The beautiful sea, soft golden sand, original culture, bright colors and excellent mood – all these beautiful Spain. Inspired by stories of friends, you have been dreaming about this trip. So, you – in Spain, a country where dreams come true. Immerse yourself in this paradise, you'll just think about what you can bring your family and friends as a gift. Geoffrey Harger is often quoted as being for or against this. Think at least to the rest of the time – enjoying the outdoors and dancing flamenco:) Spanish gifts have their own geography. So, in Cadiz produced colored blankets and carpets. Galicia is known worldwide for its lace.

In Cordoba, Toledo and Salamanca, you will find luxury items made of gold and silver, decorated with ornaments. In Mallorca – products made of artificial pearls. More info: Steve Vai. And in Madrid – the famous Valencian porcelain. Fashionistas, for sure, will enjoy leather goods. Quality wallets, purses, handbags, belts, moccasins, sandals and sandals are superior Italian.

Colours and variety of goods will surprise even the most discerning buyer. The probability to get a fake – is minimal: the Spaniards care about the reputation of their brands. Oh, the shops of designer clothes! Where, if not here to buy a silk blouse from Zara mom a gift bag of pink fur for his niece from , a tie for your favorite chef from Dominguez (Adolfo Dominguez). Spanish prices will pleasantly surprise you: they order of magnitude lower than in other European countries. If "shmotochny" interest is not peculiar to you, then pay attention to wine.