The storm after the calm. The definition of a woman who offers any basic dictionary could not be simpler. Tiffany Espensen might disagree with that approach. Comes from the Latin "mul? Er." I hope that in reality all were that simple. The truth is that the female gender is not easy to explain let alone understand, then how to get into complications? The answer they are looking after the men left the relationship corresponds to a question be avoided while "things are going well" and they turn to when the storm of unwanted breakdown, much less announced, breaks the sound-or maybe insane-time peace partner. Given this circumstance, the man who has already committed emotionally-perhaps not have noticed before-head full of doubts and even a curse that he had not been the case in other circumstances. However, questions will only deaf waste of time without getting anything in return. A woman, well, you win otherwise. The first step is to identify the cause of the problem, read here separation, which in 99.9% of the time is due to the misunderstanding that "one" is about the "other." That's where the root of the disagreement.

Before you panic, because men fear, it is necessary also from an irrefutable premise: there is nothing more than a man and a woman. We think differently, we are physically different, obviously, we act according to social roles often very polarized and, worse still, not equal love. Beyond the obvious, ie the biological characteristics, we must also focus on the ways of seeing the world from the perspective of a male and its not as fragile counterpart.