Was R3 and approximately at one in the morning and I retired to my room, in charge of what they might get, were two medical residents 2? and 1? year and I retired. At 5 am called me urgent that there was an expulsive prolonged and Fetal distress, so quickly I jumped of my Chambers and I ran to the room of deliveries, on the outskirts of this place had enough people and between them I saw my friend Caesar who in the verme rejoiced and tried to get closer, but as I was going to a Supreme emergency I told the blown right now return Caesar! And I kept running course at the lambing, the main hall was a mother recently that she was being sutured by an internal, auxiliary room was the R2 with a patient exhausted and plaintive what? – said-, the R2 me briefly the case presented is a patient of 28 years, early, who arrived at 1.30 am, with 3 cm. Dilatation, fixed presentation, irregular contractions already And? – dije le – inviting you to summarize the case, comes from the maternity of the hope with this box and fetal distress why derivaste it, if you already preveias this situation?, – I increpe – me dressed, gloves and immediately asked the team of Forceps asepsis and antisepsis, infiltre xylocaina and directing me to the patient told him Lady are in trouble I will try to save his son! do you understand me? if Miguel understand you! do QUEEE? who? – I said – opened my! Eyes, I looked at her well and was Sonia, my friend, her husband Caesar was out now understood everything, God Mio! Hello Sonia! Tranquila all will come out well, you’ll bid at the time that I tell you!, now! – he said-, Sonia had been leader of anthropology, he was speaker, corajuda, brave and was willing to collaborate I looked at my R2 and wanted to grab kicked me instructed to God and to Mary – as always thing towards – and place to one the spoons of the Forceps, calculating with great care could not failing!, they entered well closed them, the temple and apparently everything was fine I looked at her, she was quiet, even you smiled, I told him Sonia at the time that begins your pain, expect my order and bid with all your strength and that will be all! right? now Miguel correct! And wine pain waited a few seconds and at the acme of pain yelled forcefully now Sonia bid, bid down, bid that is bid! Y Pujo with all his forces in the meantime I took out, rotated and extracted to the newborn, I withdrew the Forceps and I finished out the RN, I suture the episiotomy then I felicite it, cried with joy and embraced meoutside Caesar knew nothing I went out and it felicite everything is OK you are a sturdy baby’s father. The R2 when I looked it wasn’t!, two professionals were derived to a district, with the patient in trouble! that lack of criterion!..