Contact Lenses

If you wear lenses and want to achieve a perfect result – the day of shooting did not wear them at all. Cut out points, in Otherwise, you will need to use Vizinom before shooting. Move the upper eyelid, fails in this case the lower (or summing up the half with less contrast) – it will emphasize your eyes. Area under the eyebrow makeup advise brighten a bit, while not using the shadows to shine. Similarly, and with the mobile age, with the difference that the outer corner should do a little shading.

The inner corner of the eye in the nose can be a bit stressed at using liquid pearl shades. Avoid red and pink shades, and your eyes will look more fresh. Do not forget also that we should strongly nakrasili eyelashes (within reason). If the subject of photo shoot allows, it is possible to use the extended eyelashes. Eyes – the mirror of the soul and the shadow, mascara, artificial eyelashes, and other cosmetics around the eye – are designed to distract the victim from sniper sight 'hunters'. Eyebrows. The main thing – it's beautiful shape of the eyebrows! Use dry shade as close in color to your hair. If eyebrows short – slightly extend their tip.

Comb them, if necessary, fix a minimum the proportions of a transparent gel. The main task – not to overdo it so as not to create the effect of gravity. If a good makeup is expensive, what is all that is cheaper? Blush. On the skin, apply powdered or pressed Loose Blush. They should be applied to the most exposed points: cheekbones, nose, forehead, and at least very little on the tip of the ear away from the nose and eye line. The image will turn a tidy and attractive. If you have a wide nose, and blush can help compensate for this by paying them on the sides. Try not to use the pronounced red blush, prefer peach tones. As in the case with the eyebrows, you know the measure, to avoid burdening unnecessarily the person and you 'll look much younger. – Where to apply makeup? – Where do you want to kiss you? Sequins. Outside shooting in a certain art style, do not use glitter, as they give multiple reflections and glare that would unnecessarily attract attention. Importantly to cosmetics left place for smiles. Lips. Under any shooting even with minimal makeup underline lip contour if necessary retouch his wadded wand. If You have fair skin, use a lipstick with a tone slightly darker than your natural lip color and vice versa, if you have dark skin – give preference to lighter tones. Girls with big person will be helpful to use a little more bright lipstick, for girls with a little face more prudent use of bright colors. Do not use glitter and minimize the use of mother of pearl. The darker you will stick, the older you look for picture. Wrongly painted lips, or lips, painted with a clear enumeration, can spoil the best shot, take a photo. To look like a goddess, to 20 minutes. But to look natural, you need 3 hours. Ps Using these tips are not tricky in practice, you will facilitate the work of a professional photographer at times, with the final product will please you for years. Pps article contains general tips for applying make-up studio, and can not is the only correct solution for any shooting, as each photo shoot requires an individual approach to working with the visage.