Knitting Terminology

Openwork – pattern, made loops with trebles. Angora wool – a soft, lightweight fluff Angora rabbit. Typically, one down is not knit, so they spin it, connecting with wool, cotton or silk thread. Bilateral knitting – fabric, in which the front and reverse side the same surface structure, such as knitting in garter. Beads – small colored beads of glass, metal at least through hole used for stringing, embroidery, etc. Beret – hat rounded soft forms and fields without hood. He has a long history.

Its made of satin, lace, velvet, felt and wool. Decorated with precious stones and feathers. Berets have been hard and soft, young and lush. They were both women and men. They still remain in vogue in many different ways. Go to Chinese Martial art for more information. Rachy step – one of the elements of finishing products for knitting, it is also possible crochet. Tally columns without nakida, but left to right.

Blouse (blouse) – Women's blouse of a light matter. T-Shirts – A brief jacket with stitched belt. Instead of a belt sometimes use gum or cord, threading on the bottom kulisku jackets. Shirt looks good in a man, and in women, and youth in the locker room. Boucle – yarn with knots, loops, bulges and other irregularities. Camel wool – soft or coarse wool, depending on the age verblyuda.Krasivy natural hair color from light to dark brown, you can use it without staining. Vikkel – an old Estonian knitting technique, based on the movement of the loop. The auxiliary yarn – cotton yarn inexpensive (often darn), used in the processing of knitted details.