Carp Fishing At The Pond

Fishing for carp in the pond has its own peculiarities and distinctions from catching this fish on a river. Carp in the pond rarely reaches gigantic proportions as in the river, this is due to a periodic descents of water and choice of fish, causing not reparable damage to its population. In small ponds, often carp growth stops altogether, and all captured specimens do not exceed the weight of a few tens of grams. Catching carp in closed water bodies begins somewhat earlier, than on the river, the water warms up here a lot faster and spawning takes place at an accelerated pace. The pond carp less shy, he was accustomed to a large number of fishermen and other external irritants and sometimes even at high noise on fishing Goldfish is a success. In this type of fishing has its pros and cons in this article shall discuss them in detail. Carp in the pond mene shy, but more zakormlen on it a number of reasons both indirect and objective, the owners ponds never interested in what would be a fisherman caught many fish, they are trying every means to prevent a successful fishing, often before the weekend you can see the picture when the water poured out of the pond bags with food and weekends or holidays, when the pond is going to a large number of fishermen, fish do not want to take it on as fed up with that even clever bait and nozzles can not seduce her. .

Prince Frog

A fun race with lots of prizes and localities. You probably know the big cocks of the game series morhun, they were often in the role of an ordinary game, which was necessary to kill in a short time limit. But this time birds climbed into jet cards, and personal conduct championship. Of course, in the struggle for the award will not participate Morkhukhn one, but an evil pumpkin, snowman cold, agile frog. A look at each driver closer: The best carrier Murhan. The only race favorite, could not stop him. Morfrosh looks like a normal frog, but she had a care moles, and now this frog got ready for the competition. Almost always falls on the third place.

Leshan – nothing stands out, but somehow it got up to second place, losing only Morkhukhn. Pumpkin – with a grim way, it is very dangerous. Something like a pumpkin on Halloween. Snowman – behaves in Prince winter road, but the other will be of such a hot Egypt. The game is full of trails, much like no other. Each of them requires its own method. On the road, is the mass of necessary items, such as a sledgehammer, with Allows you to hit the enemy near riding, or a container with water, it is necessary to throw 20 meters ahead. In the management card is very easy, and when you click any of side quickly react to it.

Murhun has several : Test mode, in which the player no one harm. In another mode, you can play at once together, adjusting your favorite track. And at last able to compete in the competition for the gold seat. The game will appeal to all fans of past series, in which the chickens were the usual targets.