SAP Concern

This project was first implemented new opportunities for SAP on doing contract accounting. Particular attention is paid to the organization of the branch network – both in the management of the authority and in the formation of all reporting required for the regional level. Running functional conducted simultaneously on a large number of objects that require training a large number of employees Concern. However, the presence of a strong project team from customers, significant support from the leadership of Concern, will solve all problems in life. " 'One of the strategic objectives of' Concern Galnaftogaz 'is to maintain leadership in corporate governance and financial transparency, and therefore the chosen system must conform to these standards. At the moment our ERP-system integrates a network of shops, service stations and all corporate divisions into a single information space and provides complete monitoring, analysis and correction of all business processes. As a result of a single centralized system, we were able to consolidate a number of key processes of our company, transferring their execution to the level of branches at the level of the central office. In addition, SAP ERP allows you to handle large volumes of data, has extensive functional and is highly scalable system, ie As the business can be involved additional features at significantly lower cost time and money ', – says Andrey Vishnevsky, head of the project manager IT department 'Concern Galnaftogaz'.

Galnaftogaz – one of the largest owners of petrol stations in Ukraine. Concern owned by a network of 291 stations, of which – 265 modern service stations 'OKKO'. The network 'OKKO' are 2 river gas stations 'OKKO', one CNG 'OKKO' and 105 points LPG liquefied gas. The network 'OKKO' runs 15 fast food restaurants 'A la minute'. Stations are located in 21 regions of Ukraine and Crimea. Company site – Incom Company – the largest Ukrainian IT-company, provides a full range of services in the integration of information technology, including business solutions, IT-consulting, security complex, servers and storage systems, networks and telecommunications, as well as training and certification of IT-specialists. Incom – the only IT-company in the Ukrainian market, which has 30 branches in major cities throughout the country and, consequently, capable of as soon as possible to meet the service demands of its customers anywhere in Ukraine. Incom income in 2008 amounted to 1,187,880,000 USD, which is 19% more than last year. Incom has a history with 1990. More information about the company Incom – on site.