The Declaration

It is possible to attract what you want thinking something like this: I am in contact with the source of that good, and the divine power brings me through another different and legitimate way. It has given you the great privilege of the gift of life, of this inhabiting this wonderful world filled with riches and beauty to enjoy it, to make you to be happy. Open your mind and your heart, everything you want with the heart is waiting for, you who must take the initiative and perform the appropriate actions to achieve this. Don’t let your current circumstance you apart from your true nature. Cincinnati Reds may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Don’t complain about does nothing, rather use that time to find solutions.

Don’t blame the world or others for your misfortunes, are you who unwittingly took the decisions that led you to where you are now. Learn how to deal with the problems and recalls that everytime you pass a difficult situation you’ve learned something new that will serve you in the future. Learn how to see the positive side of things and you have half the battle won. Choose a wish wisely and put all your senses to work to achieve it. The Declaration of the rights of God says that it has rights to health, happiness, and success, and that There is always a legitimate way to obtain those things. l will show you the way and open it if you trust in the. Stay attentive. Cincinnati Reds will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Roxa Port Tu web metaphysics for your spiritual growth and self-improvement. Metaphysics and positive thoughts original author and source of the article

System Health

Any doubt that does not fit to us our System of health must be improved because at the moment suffers of so many faults that in which yes he hit upon the government went when trying to avoid his collapse, although is by the little orthodox route of the emergencia. Indeed, our System him bet to the utilities at the cost of terrible wages of the paramedical doctors and, paid by cooperatives or companies of personnel provision that discount by the right a high percentage to him of their entrance.

The reduction of the medical ethics is evident because the professionals of the health no longer can diagnose what science has taught to them but what is allowed to them, no longer they can spend to the patient the time that advises to its specialized knowledge but the standards implanted by theories of high productivity, no longer can formulate what they learned exclusively in the university but what says the administrative directive on the matter, all the previous one in decline indeed of the public health. The flaming private companies called EPS (15 in the country that compete now successful by to enter the listing of the best and more profitable companies of Latin America) they impose inflexible procedures, not even comparable red tape with the public sector, decisions that they look for at all costs to avoid the attention to the patient, the remission to the specialists and the adapted medecine provision, all of which culminating, in not few occasions, in which today it is known like the stroll of the death. The previous thing not to speak of the scandalous number of diseases noncovered in the POS (Obligatory Plan of Health) that it forces to that people have virtually to attack the system with an exaggerated number of demands of trusteeship to obtain what would have to be so easy..