Skin Tips

How to treat a sensible skin? In order to begin it tries to use hipoalergnicos products, you always test of the cotton: it wets a cotton with a small amount of the product that you go to aplicarte, it rubs in the wrist and it observes if your skin reacts with some type of bud, if is not thus you can aplicarte produto, that is to adjust to the canons of the type of skin which you have and that we have explained in the previous points. SOME ADVICE PRACTICAL TO TAKE CARE OF the SKIN WITH ALOE SIDE Sometimes are not enough with applying the suitable product, in addition it is necessary to do it of the correct form. Whenever you use a cream for the face remembers that it is important to have the clean good skin, that you will obtain lavndote to it with neutral soap before the application; so that the result is optimal I recommend you that you at least once use per week a exfoliation gel and that you are applied to a mask a pair of times to the month, with that you will obtain that your pores are well open and ready to receive and to absorb with facility. Also it is important that masajees smoothly and in circles the zone where you are going away to apply the cream, besides the open pores is advisable that the capillaries activate and receive the volume of nutrients. Last factor to consider before to apply cream is to use product that favors penetration of cosmetic for his maximum advantage, for it nothing good than aloe, that besides aportarte nutrients will enormously improve the penetration of all the components of the cream which you use, that must to its high content in lignin, a compound that accelerates and favors the absorption. In addition, the aloe you will be able to apply it in all the types of skins as I explain to you next: If you have the dry skin mixes a gel of aloe with olive oil, avocado or sweet almonds and you will have excellent a nutritious one.

If you have the greasy skin only uses the gel, perhaps it is astringent and it reduces the excess of fat, you notice a certain tenseness at the outset, if the gel bothers aplcate to you after the shower, with the still humid face, thus you will secure a perfect hydration without lubricating the face. If you have the normal skin or mixed you can use the gel of aloe without mixing, aplcalo until its total absorption. Also you can use the gel of aloe with retinol to give firmness to the skin, masajea in a single direction moments and will see that the result is visible, the aloe it foments the colgeno production and it has a exfoliation effect reason why also it fights the spots and the wrinkles, he is authentic multipurpose ones. Besides taking care of your skin, also you can use the aloe to cure it. It uses gel 95% small marks of acne, scars, spots of the face, or any other imperfection of the skin, also you can use it like gomina after the shower, it will fortify your hair and it will maintain it healthy and tuna. Constant, it uses your cosmetics in combination with the aloe and you will notice the results.