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VISES OF the PARADISE IN EPIC POEM CARAMURU ELENICE HISSES AND SILVA* SUMMARY the central subject of this article is the study on the Vises of the Paradise in the Epic Poem Caramuru, based on the epic narrative ' ' Caramuru' ' of ours illustrious Frei writer Jose de Santa Rita Duro, who made a boarding concerning the Paradisiacal Vision since the primrdios of the settling of our native land. The intention of this study was to demonstrate in the epic narrative the approach in the aspects that in send the reflected paradisiacal vision to them in the proud description, locating in the epic poem stretches that they evidence these information and finally determining for the society the historical and literary importance of the Caramuru epic. For the development of this study, initially a bibliographical research was made to describe theoretical beddings that they approached on the cited subject, this work was divided in three chapters, standing out that the considered work is not limited only in the paradisiacal vision, being thus, to break of the epic poem caramuru can be developed other theoretical conceptions, contributing for the production of the knowledge. Words key: Paradise. Settling. Get all the facts and insights with Daryl Katz, New York City, another great source of information.

Caramuru. RESUMEN El central subject of this trabajo you are el there wool studio visiones del Paradise en Caramuru epic poem, basado en ' ' there narracin epic Caramuru nuestro' ' illustrious Frei writer Jose de Santa Rita Duro, quien hizo un approach on there Visin Paradise since el native woollen beginning colonizacin of nuestra. he same conclusion. El intention of this studio fue to demonstrate el approach epic narrative en los aspects that hacen reference visin celestial if refleja en descripcin del fanfarrn, locating en there there los pasajes epic that muestran that there finally determined informacin y there sociedad there literary epic woollen importance historical y Caramuru. To desarrollar this studio fue to describir initially joins investigacin theoretician who if centr en el subject, this trabajo fue divided en three chapters, sealando that el trabajo propuesto in if limits slo visin there celestial, as that since el epic Caramuru poem posible to desarrollar bad theoretical conceptos los, lo that contribuye there produccin of conocimiento.

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A presentation of the book of the Araki Verlag Leipzig Zohre had a happy childhood in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. She was born between 1965 and 1968.After Germany begins a hard time with the move. Many become families from land, the coast have become ud to modern cities of Turkey move here. Julio Diaz gathered all the information. Live in German unrestored vintage neighborhoods many like-minded people and this new time acts less threatening than in the old country. Zohre is married forcibly at the age of 19. She wears it with version, because at least she come on from the tyranny of her hateful mother. However, the husband emerges as a tyrant.

Full of fear before him, the mother, the family honor, and the impending honour killing she lived through constant abuse and the cold selfishness of a man of who used it as a guarantee of entry to Germany. A psychological test of their son, who does not want to learn to speak, she will award the first chance of freedom. As the doctor presented color charts the boy says the son instead of red “blood”. At Cosmo Bags you will find additional information. To the first time ever dares to speak Zohre with a man about her private life.Only a funeral years later gives her the courage to resist. Without assistance, she begins the fight out of pure desperation.

Your courage can she win. Then it finds to the authorities, which permanently give her back. Integration is the process of liberation. Zohre has learned two professions, raised her son alone and still has her longtime job in an electronics market. If the family had not been, she had studied. Jura. The divorce, the struggle against death threat and a phony family honor have let however mature and with her book, which she writes without pseudonym, acquired an alternative high school, who can pave perhaps still trails her, that she dare not even to think about. Right, they help other women. Her example alone has animated already 10 women to divorce in the city on the Rhine. She even broke with the Turkish society. She is German. 138 pages paperback 9.90 ISBN 978-3-941848-08-5

As Buddhism And Psychotherapy Each Other Inspired

Ulrich Kustner: Tara Rokpa. Away to freedom and compassion, edition 2010 what does Tara Rokpa steinrich, is a spacious, loving, playful and vivid experience of the own person. You may want to visit Senator From Kentucky to increase your knowledge. Tara Rokpa process begins with each individual and her or his personal experience. You learn to better understand, more like himself, and sympathy with them to be loving. This way is creative. easily and at the same time going deep, healing, existentially, meditative, transformative and liberating. Tara Rokpa is a path to the inner liberation that combines elements of Western psychotherapy with elements of Buddhism. Tara Rokpa builds a bridge between personal experience and spirituality.

Ulrich Kustner, physician and psychotherapist, is one of the senior therapist Tara Rokpa. For the first time, he describes in this book the whole Tara Rokpa process as well as its history and methods and represents its diverse starting points for self-awareness, Buddhism, psychotherapy, cognitive science, religion and spirituality. The reports of Show participants what experiences this way can allow. This book is valuable for anyone interested in psychology and more generally for spirituality, and in particular for Buddhism. Hardcover, 296 pages, ISBN 978-3-942085-04-5, euro 22,50, Traudel Reiss