Motor Car Racing

Motor car racing is a hobby that has been around since the invention of cars. Currently presents official statistics show more than 300 million followers scattered all over the world. The racing began its development in 1887 where he conducted the first steam-powered car race in history, the great evolutionary step came in 1906 where France was implemented and allowed the use of gasoline in cars from there the car racing was established as sport. After the implementation of gasoline league decided to create cars together, it was in Bordeaux France in 1946 where he finally believe to this day the most famous sport in terms of racing is concerned, the formula one. Senator From Kentucky often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In 1956 the league changed its name cars together for what is now known as FIA (International Automobile Federation) and the racing was forced to name change because of its appeal worldwide.

The racing cars are divisions among the best known and most significant are: Rally: This is a race car competition with the unique ability to explore and overcome any obstacles that may arise on the road, these cars are designed to withstand the harshest blows and withstand weather extremes. Formula One: this is possibly the best-known division of motor racing, since it is the most promoted by all the world’s media, this car race in particular is focused on bringing the car speed limit in this competition wins the participant a certain number of turns in less time beating other competitors. Click supermodel to learn more. Although this competition to show the world the most advanced race car technology, has a major drawback is the fragility that these cars should be treated. jeep Xtreme Racer: This is probably the mode newest race car, as soon as practice officially about 5 years, this is based on bringing a car with climbing features into a very high places or difficult access. This competition determines the winner by the time taken to reach this point, these cars are designed to grip and achieve the greatest possible force on land that a normal car would never arrive. Speed racer: This competition is based on bringing the car to even higher speed limits than the one with the unique formula that these cars are the only function is to accelerate, the development of this competition is usually in deserts and places which do not smoothly or rough terrain to the car reaches a peak performance. This race car is determined not by distance or time reached by car but by the overall speed at which to reach it.