Perfumes for Healing

It also cleanses the body of problems pertaining to the relationship, difficulties, and stress. A tension for work, study, etc.. Similarly produces different types of preparations with a wide variety of plants according to the diseases of patients. These preparations make them water or alcohol.En the first case by boiling plants and in the second case by maceration of plants in alcoholic beverages that are then taken by patients during periods "determined by the master to complete healing. 4) Use of resins: Apply resins extracted from different types of trees the same as are used as poultices with a cloth. These are attached to the body with the force of a suction cup and stay there for about seven days after which they are incredible. Its function is to extract the body evil, pain and welding the bones. 5) Use of perfumes: Based on the perfumes used by the teacher prepares patients to be applied to make a special force that attracts propitiatory health, welfare, mental clarity, good luck at the people who are healing.

After treatment, which lasts at least a month. Mr Anderson applied to the patient a diet another month. The diet involves taking some preparations of plants to help you successfully complete healing. The diet for patients is based on low-sugar food, not eating ice cream, no pork and no marital relationship. In the case of women is not cured during the rule but until it happens. An essential plant in the work of Mr Anderson in addition to the Ayahuasca, is the snuff. The snuff is the scapegoat of the healing plant. Is what causes the link between the teacher, the patient and the spirits of the plants involved in healing. Without the healing would not be possible. Served in the words of Mr Anderson "to put the doctor forces the body to heal and to accelerate the purging or removal of evil from the patient's stomach." Mayors others with back pain problems, with strong conditions have been alleviated, as the case of a woman who harmed you, and die swollen and that Mr Anderson, heal, ending the terrible curse, the