Fragile Happiness

So, who beats? And yet it is safe to determine the motivations of senior lay hands on the younger, as well as the personality type of the seniors. Bute alcoholics with no brakes, hit emotionally unbalanced, beat people, having a lot of personal problems. Those who do not have the patience (no time to explain – it's easier), who ignorant in matters of child psychology (though well-versed by the "hot hand" can). Finally, those who do not know of other methods. In general sense of the beat of his own helplessness, and his actions in this impotence and painted. Physical punishment in the apparent effectiveness of its rapidly removes a person punished by guilt and prevents it from awareness.

Simultaneously, it sends information to the child: "When you are angry with someone – beat?. When you ask: "Why beat that?" Answer: "And to know." And many are simply out of conviction: "They beat me, and I grew up normal and the right person. " And what they think about the phenomenon of physical punishment of parties to the conflict "Parent", "child", the church, psychologists? PUNISH GOOD TO BE HAND-known American psychologist, who is also a preacher, James Dobson believes that nature has created specially in the lower part of the child seat in which to act in cases of outright defiance. Many children need it in the physical punishment of disobedience. Shall be punished by hand should be good, so D. Dobson recommends using rods or a switch, the hand may remain the same means of expressing love.

Corporal punishment must be rare, but accurate. Can be punished with 18 months already. But teenagers do not hit better. Physically punish the parent has the right to balanced and emotionally restrained. James Dobson says that all the social unrest in the world today stem from the fact that parents have moved away from the postulates about the penalties set out in the Old and New Testaments.