Tips For Comedians

Funny things are always to happen and of certainty that in this exacto moment is to happen some thing close to itself for which you can point and give outbursts of laughter. Example: You and its woman of are shaken for the work and its woman only made a chvena of coffee that supposedly was for same itself, and while it goes to search the luggage to shake for the work, you steal to it chvena and run for the car. She did not go to be nothing funny for its woman but certainly that if she stows somebody to attend this event, this person if would have been satiated to laugh. Another example is when the things are not to run as well as you thought and have that to move of tone. It has that to obtain to think quickly. Example: If one any rapariga or woman says ‘ to it; ‘ I not taste of people feias’ ‘ you can say ‘ ‘ Well, I normally also not but in yours case decided to open one excepo’ ‘. If that type of who you do not like nothing you say something to it as ‘ ‘ You are one failed, when he is that aprendes’ ‘ its reply it can be ‘ ‘ When your mother already will have finished to teach to me! ‘ ‘ These ideas can be a little rude of more but this examples are alone. If to attend with attention some shows televising of ‘ ‘ Stand up’ ‘ probably it will go to repair that the comedians obtain to create jokes very quickly and with style.

To be funny it has that to be open the new ideals and has that to be capable to see them of different forms. As soon as to start to make jokes goes to see that the ideas go to it to start to appear. Many funny people come the news to see what regularly she is that the celebrities had made of this time In Portugal she is possible to take off 40 or 50 jokes alone of the section politics of the telejornal. Any person can be funny, one more than others (I am of the others), but any one obtains! If this will not have nothing to see with what you walked to the search and the only thing that it intends is to laugh a bit, visits fotosengracadas.

Social Assistant

Ahead of these challenges the professional gains one article in the Federal Constitution of 1988? CF/88, approved in 5 of October, bringing a new conception for the Social Assistance, including it in the sphere of the Social security: Art.194. The social security understands an integrated set of action of initiative Being able of them Public and the society, destined to assure the relative rights to the health, the providence and the social assistance. (CONSTITUTION OF the FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL, 2003, P. 193.). The Politics of Social Assistance is enrolled in the CF/88 for articles 203 and 204: Art.203 the Social Assistance will be given to who of it to need, independently of contribution to the social security. The Federal Constitution of 1988 represents a landmark in the history of the Social Assistance.

From it the Social Assistance starts to be recognized as Public, inserted Politics in the field of the Social security, through articles 203 and 204, being, later regulated for the Organic Law of the Social Assistance? LOAS (Law n.8.742, of 1993), breaching with the stigma of the assistencialismo and charity, vehemently marked for the action of the Church Catholic. In this process, the Social Assistance starts to be a right of the citizen and a duty of the State, as Politics of not tax-paying Social security, carried through through prompt actions to guarantee the social minimums. Therefore, as Ministry of Public Works and the Economy MDS (1999), has the necessity of implantation of one Politics, the national level, that promotes the implementation of the Social Assistance of homogeneous form. Such Politics appears in 2004 and is regulated by the Only System of Social Assistance? ITS, in 2005, being last a way used for the Social Assistant as actor of promotion it welfare and social protection the aged families, children, adolescents, young, people and to whom of it they need, guaranteeing not assistencialista profile, but of protection of the individual and collective diffuse rights.