Pilates Reformer

Pilates is a training technique that involves body and mind, through a correct breathing, concentration and body alignment. This type of training focuses on the muscles of the torso (Core Powerhouse), and from them combines exercises that involve all the muscles in the body. Breathing accompanies all the movements, connecting the body with the mind and creating a space of harmony and balance. Pilates Reformer uses an ergonomic machine highly versatile and easy to handle, especially designed for the practice of Pilates, which allows one to train the body to maintain perfect posture and alignment, what makes it to strengthen the deeper muscles that support the correct alignment of the spine and correct postures. In this way, Pilates Reformer allows you to prevent and relieve back pain, improve your abdominal strength, increase flexibility, and teaches him to manage his body in general. Source: supermodel. To the pilates reformer are considered passive gymnastics, and thanks to the type of entries made and used machines, can be done in the comfort of any person’s home. Anyway, the general recommendation is that anyone who wants to follow these exercise routines, avail itself of the services of a professional expert in the topic.

This in order to avoid possible muscular injuries or more serious complications. ** The pilates reformer were designed more than 30 years ago, and its effectiveness has been proven throughout this time by millions of people around the world. If you are open to try new way to exercise you, but you don’t have much time in your daily agenda, then it is time that you give a chance to this modality of exercises. ** The pilates have been recommended for people with difficulties in the spine, hip and joints; because that does not require sudden movements during the routines. In fact, if they are conducted in an appropriate manner, it is virtually impossible to physical injury of any kind. Finally we want to emphasize the need for prior to the purchase of machines for pilates throw or start a daily routine, consult with your personal physician and use a professional pilates exercises. Thus you will know first hand your limitations, and you do not expondras to unnecessary risk. Quest Diagnostics is open to suggestions.

Innovative training for the mind and the body benefits. Provides muscle strengthening. Corrects postural imbalances. It improves muscle control and trains the body to prevent possible injury. Improves flexibility. It improves coordination and body awareness. It prepares the body for daily activities. TYPES of classes group class: class which may be up to 6 persons, under the supervision and 1 Instructor advice at the time. Semipersonalizado: Class in which two people at the time received counseling de1 Instructor. There can be up to 2 classes semipersonalizadas at the time in the classroom. Pilates reformer