Revitalization Moves Forward

On December 2, 2010, the Bavarian House construction started BERLIN with the extensive construction and revitalization measures for BIKINI. The construction progress at the building ensemble is clearly visible. The four stairways and elevators and further additions in the rear area of the home of bikini are already worn off. The opening of the total area is planned for the end of 2012. The under monument protection related complex, consisting of large high-rise, the cinema Zoo Palace, Bikinihaus, the small building and a parking garage, was purchased in 2002 by the Bavarian House construction and integrated into the portfolio of about 200 real estate. Solutions were developed in close coordination with the Office, which are up to date, while preserving the authenticity of the area. The construction progress at the building ensemble is clearly visible: end of 2010 the blue ball (Germany’s first 3D cinema and former television Studio by Sabine Christiansen) was dismantled. The blue ball went as a donation to the Babelsberg film Park and there will be new in the summer of 2011 as interactive cinema opened.

The attachments between the blue ball and the small building were demolished already. The small high-rise is according to the original condition free- and its massive concrete columns are visible again. The demolition work on the parking garage have 2011 also started in the first quarter. In the coming weeks, the new theaters are left denkmalge-next to the protected Zoo Palace demolished. The think time fair conversion begins parallel inside the Zoo Palace. Here, in particular the building and projection will be renewed and the not bauzeitliche material removed. The four stairways and elevators and other additions in the ruckwarti-area of the home of bikini are already worn off. In the Bikinihaus, the monument just inside gutting started mid March 2011. Offices on the upper floors and innovative shop concepts on the ground floor, as well as in the first and second floors are created here.

Braas Roof – Stones And Braas Roof – Tile Construction At BAU 2009

With its extensive range of Braas roof stones and Braas roof tiles will be Monier GmbH at the BAU 2009 be present. “The leading specialist for roof systems will be in Hall A3 at booth 303 with its innovative products, and the motto of the fair future of building” interpret. In particular the theme is sustainable building in the foreground of the commitment. Braas roof stones and Braas roof tiles are suitable for use as components of the roof system in the same way for the modern building for the stylish old building or renovation. Obamacare Agency may not feel the same. The roof specialist has an extensive product range for architects and planners, builders and prefabricated house manufacturer, but also private or public builders. The flexibility designers, architects and builders to concentrate almost without restrictions on their creative ideas. Roof systems provide security the long-term reliability of the sloped roof is supported by the installation of complete roof systems. Thus, Braas under tension of the lower deck rail offers about the safe passage of the roof a variety of roof system parts and accessories.

For the processor important: The Braas, elastic and breathable membranes are certified according to the new product data sheets of the Central Association of the German Roofing trade (ZVDH). With the corresponding nail sealing materials and adhesives even makeshift covers for heat-insulated structures can run in renovation and new construction, which comply with the rules and regulations. Ecological pioneers along with the creative and functional factors be claimed increasingly ecological qualities of the customers. Braas by the oko-Institut Freiburg has let carry out a comparative comparison of roof bricks and roof tiles. The oko-Institut came to the conclusion that overall roof stones from an environmental angle roof tiles are preferable. This is important information for eco-conscious customers who make product decisions very differently.

With its participation in the German Association for sustainable building (D.G.N.B.) the leader also in the comprehensive reassessment of our built environment involved. The Braas Braas brand is the best known brand in roofing materials in Germany. At the time products are produced at 16 locations of Braas and nationwide by Monier distributed. The Monier GmbH, owner of the brand of Braas, is a company of the Monier group. The passion for quality and the best services to the customers make Monier to the world’s leading manufacturer of roofing for pitched roofs and chimney systems. The company is active in 46 countries and produced in more than 200 locations.

Art Rock

Markisches company designed a natural rocky outcrops in the spa and Bath Park Pirmasens in the Pfalz celebrated the opening of the modern spa and Bath Park in Pirmasens at the end of the year. On the sunbathing lawn or in different hot tubs can relax the bather in a pleasant atmosphere and switch off. Here were several companies together around the halls and landscaping, to realize the design of bathing facilities, as well as their technical facilities. The integrated rock landscape extends over a total area of 160 m m and is modeled with detailed artificial rocks made of modified glass concrete natural rock. A company that was commissioned for their planning and design, implementation, and installation. The matching rock landscape is harmoniously integrated into the overall picture.

Hand in hand with the property developers, planners and architects in Pirmasens was detailing the concept for these rocks elaborated and implemented. Gunnar Peterson has many thoughts on the issue. It was considered a primary objective here a welcoming, relaxing and soothing To create the atmosphere for the spa and on the other hand due to the design of the rock formations in the bathing area to achieve a varied broadcasting on the bathers. Staff of markische company RS art rock & decorative elements lined up this task, the company can draw on many years of experience and in-depth practical knowledge in this specialty. With the distinctive red sandstone of the Sudwestpfalz district as a natural model, the artificial rock imitations in design, structure and colour were reproduced faithfully. The artificial rocks are made of modified glass concrete and have been creatively fit in shape and colour to mimic the sandstone down to the last detail. Other aspects were considered in selecting the appropriate arrangement of the rock formations alongside the visually appealing effect.

The artificial rocks are extremely stable hollow and let disappear when appropriate construction equipment or pipe work “behind the scenes”. To these to meet different requirements and each other to reconcile both creativity and flair were in demand on the one hand to achieve the desired visual effect as also technical know-how for the design and craftsmanship when fitting. Contact information: Rene Schneider art rock & decorative elements garden 6 15913 Markische Heide / OT Gross line telephone: 035471 809625 E-mail: company profile: Rene Schneider company art rock & decorative items in the markische Heide it specialises in faithfully reproduce different rock rocks with your distinctive details. The modified glass concrete as base material enables the free design in size and structure with matching colour scheme and thus the detailed imitation of any rock rocks. The company takes all steps of the creative design and detailed planning of the rock landscapes to the production and professional installation of artificial rocks. These are elaborately arranged in numerous Wellness, Spa, spas and resorts. The extensive product portfolio of faithful reproductions of rock in coordinated environment is presented in the exhibition rooms at the company’s headquarters. Press: Phillip of Ward wellness & media aft str. 32 50678 Cologne

Sauna Construction

“Planning and implementation of saunas for industrial and private use” won’t work, there “s not!” – the promise in the feasibility of all things sounds from the mouth from Patrik ramp, sales manager at Butenas wooden dwellings, such as a magic formula. Add to your understanding with Ford. With 240 employees in the production the company from the Hessian Knullwald Remsfeld is one of the largest suppliers of saunas, Garden, block of flats – and holiday homes in Europe. All products are manufactured from high-quality Woods, arise if necessary pass exactly according to customer requirements, and traded at fair prices. As a real bestseller, the sauna building developed for years. To the CEO Remigijus Butenas says: “the people’s health awareness changes. Preventive measures are increasingly gaining importance.

That the sauna session effectively contributes to human recreation, is today widely known.” The outdoor sauna, which is a stylish eye-catcher in the garden and offers new possibilities for the stay in the open air sauna friends enjoys particular popularity. Until a few years ago the sauna bath is focused on health aspects: the sweat stood in the foreground. “Now especially the design helps that the sauna has become an integral part of a new living culture”, his daughter of Laura Butenas adds, is the Managing Director at Butenas wooden dwellings. Who would like to inform themselves on-site on the diversity of models of saunas, has the opportunity to six days a week. “We welcome the guests from Monday to Friday in the time from 9:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 until 15.00”, informed Mr ramp, “by way of derogation from these opening times we arrange dates like after agreement.” In the digital age, the company provides more distribution channels. Requests are accepted over the phone and edited via the Internet.

“After the customer has provided us with his ideas, we calculate an offer within a very short time and supplement it with a 3D drawing and images, that are intended to illustrate our proposal”, which explains how to Sales Manager, “This draft is altered so long, until the results fit.”Standard models can be easily of saunas in this way solutions. The basic range of Butenas wooden dwellings already includes a wide range of variation. In addition the company optimally converts individual wishes and boasts an outstanding service: even in outdoor timber processing is possible up to 220 mm. The benefits of exceptional wall thicknesses are clearly obvious. ‘We improve the thermal properties,”notes Butenas satisfied,”and thus demonstrably provide a higher energy efficiency.’ Image rights: Butenas wooden dwellings E.k.. contact: Butenas wooden dwellings E.k.. Patrik ramp road 30 34593 Knull forest Remsfeld + 49 5681 93650 press contact Martina Frenzel wellness & media Phillip Wolter aft InStr 32 50678 Cologne 02214537373 Butenas wooden dwellings E.k.. company description has its Seat in the Hessian Knullwald combined. The company is one of the largest suppliers of saunas, Garden, block of flats – and holiday homes in Europe. All products are manufactured from high-quality Woods, arise if necessary pass exactly according to customer requirements, and traded at fair prices.