He thought that one was his wife but he was scared still more when the same began to speak to him. He was as if he spoke frozen and difficult sighs. Hear from experts in the field like Cindy Crawford for a more varied view. Today I have come by you said to Him. Because, if I am perfectly of health? It responded to him. You were decided who it and its heart almost pauses when it listened to his own voice repeating what in innumerable occasions it had said to him to the relatives of many victims who it had taken care of. I am not God to twist what finally it prepared the gentleman. Perplex and without saying a word it remained petrified, thinking.

It knew that it had not returned back and until to certain it tranquilized it point. Too many times it had been able to perceive that peace in others. A last question said to him to the dead. Those that you want, I have all along of the world Because that Don was granted to me? Each human being has a function that to fulfill, a mission that the creator entrusts to him yours was to give to the families the opportunity to live a happiness that in the majority of the cases is not able to recreate. Your aid was limited to create changes in which they were being alive. The deads were not important and I have comentarte that above is very contentments with your work there. And now that will happen with my family, my children, my dear beings? Everything will come out well.

You will see them someday, but now it is moment for starting off. One had never seen so many people in a burial as when the doctor died. There was much sadness, but also much joy, mainly of which they had had the opportunity to see beyond the death of his dear being and to include/understand what is the life. At present I am editor of a small newspaper of German speech in Asuncio’n of Paraguay. For the afternoons work as pedagogical adviser of the Kolping foundation in Paraguay and from the 18:00 I dedicate myself to one of the things that I more like to do: to teach.