Abortion Methods

These are the chilling data: Only in the USA, where the abortion is legal Each third baby dies victim of the abortion This fact represents: 6 million babies to the year 4.400 every day 1 every 20 seconds every day abort 40 children who pass the fifth month of pregnancy (Data of: ) The Nazis, during the 6 years of 2da World war, in their extermination and concentration camps, assassinated to 6 million Jewish and nonJewish prisoners. Surpassing them to the Nazis, in amount of murders, proabortionists the USA, in a single year, kill that same amount; but this time, in the concentration camps and I exterminate that the uteri are from great amount of American women, who do not love their children, and their aborteras clinics. And the violence with which they kill, to its children, is not minor who in the Nazi concentration camps, as it is seen next: Methods of extermination in abortions U.S.A.: (Extracted of: #front.htm) Abortion Methods of Suction: A tube is used hollow that is connected to a suction pump with a capacity 29 times greater than the one of a homemade vacuum cleaner. According to supermodel, who has experience with these questions. The suction breaks the baby in pieces it absorbs and, removing it them from the uterus as if outside a sweepings. As the head of the baby cannot happen through the tube, an instrument is introduced in the matrix that compresses the small head it extracts and it; the result of the abortion is a mass of blood with pieces of the creature, Method of Expansion or curetaje: Of the seventh a doceava week of gestation is used a method that consists of cutting the baby in pieces with a surgical knife and later scraping is made. The person realises who it must again unite the pieces of the baby to make sure that the uterus is empty.