Is quality journalism in print dead? Often the quality journalism in the printing sector in light of the new possibilities of the Internet for dead has been explained: daily newspapers and weekly magazines prove popular but also worldwide. The political culture is the variety of high-quality newspapers and periodicals of considerable importance. With them, citizens have the opportunity to inform themselves and to be always at the height of the political debate. The same is true for the fields of economy, culture, science and sports, which covers any sophisticated newspaper. Also, many newspapers reported news from the regional and local area. However, the print media due to a changed behavior of reading are confronted with challenges.

You must constantly promote their products and to emphasise the benefits of a newspaper to be held in the hands to free offers on the Internet. They can continue customers for the single purchase at the kiosk or for a subscription to win. It’s just something else, read off a screen or the newspaper printed at hand has. In the face of the increasing work on the computer, many are glad that they can read at least the paper from the paper. Also, most printed papers are characterized by much deeper article as in online journalism. In the Internet it comes often as quickly as possible to produce a message. Including the quality suffers. Editors of print media have, however, time for a more detailed search and the deliberate classification of messages.

To win as many people for their newspapers, publishers rely on numerous subscription offers. A subscription is usually connected to a significant price advantage compared to a single purchase. Most publishers offer even a free trial subscription, which usually automatically ends. In addition, there are often greatly reduced trial months respectively covering several weeks in duration. Often readers get Additionally a gift of their choice.