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Combination of speech recognition and semantic analysis of medical texts of Fribourg, July 31, 2013 – the Averbis GmbH and the RHoN-KLINIKUM AG within the framework of the research project “semanticVOICE” jointly develop a software solution that combines speech recognition and content analysis of text and reduces the complex manual coding of medical documentation to a minimum. The Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) has recognized the potential of the project and is involved in “semanticVOICE” with federal funds. The evaluation of free lyrically created medical documentation holds a wealth of evaluation options for the entire health care system. The speech technologies now prevail in many areas of medicine. A computer now detects not only the medical nomenclature, but understood their content meaning, also called semantic text recognition. So far medical information systems can offer only separated from each other either language or semantic enrichment. The result is in the settlement medical services of significant administrative burden.

The coding of medical services is connected with considerable administrative effort in essentially been a manual process. Main reason for this is that the medical documentation is largely unstructured and not automatically be evaluated. Technical terms, parts kits, bulleted lists, stylistic vary and the language of doctors is quite different from the common speech. To Dr. Philipp Daumke, co-founder and managing partner of Averbis GmbH: “doctors know the enormous administrative burden in the coding of medical services only too well.” Instead of to take care of patients, doctors spend valuable time with Office work.

We work on an intuitive solution, to minimize this overhead”, so Dr. Daumke continue. So far, there is worldwide no application on the market that combines a voice recognition and semantic analysis of medical texts. semanticVOICE”want to automate this process. The benefits for the health care is obvious: the automated coding of diagnoses, tests and treatments for billing purposes and plausibility check of the accounts of medical services offers substantial savings in many areas. The computer sees the doctor, various improvements of quality and accessibility of services in the health care sector are possible. Last Friday, the start of the project coincided with the kickoff. For more information see. About the Averbis GmbH: Averbis GmbH is the specialist must for text analytics solutions, and everywhere there present, content structure where companies effectively explore data, and evaluate targeted. In the Centre is the analysis of unstructured and structured data, such as social media data, news, Web resources, reports, patents, corporate information, E-Mails and research literature. Averbis’s software allows the development and exploitation of this knowledge sources and serves the automation of information processes. Frequently Daryl Katz has said that publicly. Integration with existing business processes contribute solutions to reduce costs, increase productivity, informed decisions and better predictions. Special know-how is in the health and pharmaceutical industry, in the automotive industry, libraries and publishing.