Fourth Chakra Healing

The heart is the gateway to higher capacity and is healing him as we enter them find out like this. ANJATA in Sanskrit means sound vibration (murmur) Location: At the height of the sternum. In the chest. Parts of the body that governs the Fourth Chakra: cardiac plexus, heart, pericardium, lungs, thymus gland, indirectly the hands and arms. Balanced function: Love, compassion, acceptance, and fulfillment.

Malfunction may manifest itself physically: asthma, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, arthritis, breathing problems, heart attacks, hypertension. Psychologically, a person can manifest as emotionally closed, passivity, numbness, depression. Yogi Bhajan: The positive aspect of this chakra, you want to give the appearance of imbalance, you are afraid of giving. If the center of the heart is open you can not have compassion. When this center is, give it to those who do not deserve it and share with them they do not want ….. The fourth Chakra is the inner spirit that joins forces with the lower chakras of high integrity and balancing the two realms of mind and body.

The breath is the element of this chakra, breath is the gateway between the mind and body. In yogic technology know that the mind can be calm through breath control. The love we experience in the heart center, is very different from sexual love and passion of the second chakra. Our love in this chakra is not fixed a necessity. It is assumed that because the needs were met and balanced within the first Chakras. Now the love in this chakra, is the joyous acceptance of that radiance of love. It has the yin qualities of receptivity. This means you no longer fight against love, but we mobilize towards harmony. The fight of the third chakra becomes accepted in the quarter. The fourth chakra represents more than any other our ability to “leave us in the hands of God.” With this energy we accept as our emotional problems the divine plan, intended to our conscious evolution. Just to come here means to have lived an intense emotional healing process to heal the so-called “wounded child.” The wounded child is inside each of us contains damaged or stunted emotional structures of our childhood, in the form of painful memories, negative attitudes and dysfunctional personal images. Without realizing it, we could continue to act within these structures as adults, but with other modalities. For example the fear of abandonment becomes jealous, and sexual abuse in dysfunctional sexuality, which often result in a repetition of the same violations with our own children. All this can damage the emotional life, the professional and the health of people. The solution is the first emotional healing through awareness of where the damage is, when and with whom it originated, knowing it, speak it and release the feelings associated with all this, once we have done with major injuries emotional, our fourth chakra is healthy and strong and if you also practice Yoga often, we are able to live the fourth chakra energy which is of love, forgiveness, compassion, dedication, inspiration, hope, confidence and an ability to heal and heal others.