Questions About The Plan Of Development Of Neiva I

Usually when a mayor or any elected official, begins to govern, his clock starts a countdown that appears to have a measure of time shorter than the other humans. Days pass with surprising speed, the months are when finished just they were starting and large projects seem to enter a kind of Chamber of extreme slowness that overwhelm the ruler to the point of despair. The team of collaborators never returns to worry what the head of the Administration suggested when he was candidate and the Development Plan which is the document where these points are precisely appropriated as a legal norm becomes a formality to which reference should be made obligatory, making a maximum effort so that actionsworks and accomplishments of the official fit so be the force within that straitjacket. Nobody seems to be interested in making detailed monitoring Plan indicators nor much less to factor proportional achievement of the targets in the times established. Therefore, and without the mood to upset the Mayor of our city, I refer to some Plan of development goals whose fulfilment only local administration can give reason.

Has has already reactivated the Fund Joaquin Garcia Borrero and created the proposed CERES, which is provided for in sub-paragraph project: strengthening the alliances with LA education SUPERIOR? It has risen already by 25 per cent (the goal is 50%) educational institutions the result in tests of State to high categories, which is provided for in the programme quality and relevance by LO our? do is have already installed at least 9 (the goal is 18 in the Governor) computer classrooms in the I.E. and/or sites that do not have them?, has been fitted with 3 (the goal is 5) languages to strengthen resource centres teaching English in the I.E., is already offered, at least in 8 educational institutions (the goal is 16) programs of average technique articulated with the production level and the number of computers for 30 students, has been reduced all of which is planned in the programme quality and relevance by LO our? Already have been certified in quality processes of the Secretariat of education, which is provided for in the programme Pact by a provision efficient educational service? Reduced the ratio of maternal mortality below 32 per 1000 thousand live births, which is laid down in our program health public UN Covenant healthy promotion of health and quality of life, prevention of risks, recovery, health surveillance and public management? A minimum 80% coverage of affiliation to the subsidized regime of the poorest and most vulnerable population of Neiva, achieved which is provided for in programme security SOCIAL – a Covenant by the assurance of all?