The person is the central axis of the emotional quality and the company must be able to manage to the people from the emotions. Nowadays the companies have chosen by publicitar from the close emotions, videos, subliminal messages, retrospections and a long list of others of images and moments that produce sensations and wake up emotions that arrive at the system lmbico (or emotional) from our brain If so many important companies have decided to publicitar and to project their image towards the emotions it is by some reason and that is not other that is shortage that in present society we began to give more importance to him to the intangible things that to the tangible ones or that, at least, the projects canalized towards the reason bear less fruits than the directed ones towards the emotion. One of the keys is how to learn to manage the emotional quality and this it is due to execute from the leadership. The company must have people able to take to the emotions and the feelings at a first level and to be able to make the intangible thing tangible. For even more details, read what Charles Margulis says on the issue. Able to motivate, to increase the ratios of satisfaction, to obtain that the collaborators and workers acquire a positive thought and that each in their area is able to implement it. Previously we spoke of the complication to achieve this objective and one of the most important points is the one of the self-knowledge, we must be able to be critics with we ourself and to learn to assume the errors that we pruned to commit professionally because through those errors we will be able to grow personal and. We can imagine a center of fitness where the personnel who works is motivated, owns the gift of self-criticism and uses its errors to improve like person and professional? If we are able to visualize that center we do not doubt that he will be that one that has the Q-Emotion in the future. .