Education and Health

Today I got up without paying attention if he was to be the left or right foot the first to put on the floor, but what if that I have clear is that with the small tip of the center does not have. Maybe that’s why, when listening to the argument that the low level of reading comprehension and the low level of knowledge of our children aged 15, parents are to blame and not the education system. As a mother I have considered changing the chip to “parents” and “education system” and start over, because the lost generations after thirty years of reform are beginning to fatten the labor market and inept politician. To this end I have written three points it is a way to give a chance for those who still have the mind awake and can straighten out the mess we have is as exposing a base to be put to work and if implemented in all our dear country. I stress the importance of bringing to fruition and without delay this or another similar approach, as each year passes, there are more inept and ignorant that we have to feed and we are further from the real progress that we would like to achieve and enjoy as a country.

The three points are: 1 Unify public education, common approaches and fixation of minimum knowledge with practical approaches and serious that they must also be agreed with at least two-thirds of our representatives in parliament (but may not be voting captive matches). 2 Those representatives regions who want to participate in public education by adding a few other differential element (such as the language among other things) should establish schools of their own (regional) as well as meeting the minimum levels set across the country to adapt as the other private schools to agreements or arrangements that exist for that purpose, having the same treatment as the concerts that private schools exist in the rest of the country. 3 is also important that while there is no free in education, ie the country save money with the students who go to private schools, should be the same with education in certain regions want to differentiate from the rest of the country and the parents (while there is no such gratuity in education) either pay that element that differentiates is due to private approaches (private schools) and representatives of some regional approaches (schools “public” at the regional level). Thanks for having me in mind and as my grandmother … AA work! That is healthy and also get paid.

Imagine that we had a y75%? textbook equal for all children in Spain. (It would be a ruin of some publishers). They imagine that textbooks change every year, and could be used by younger siblings or children who spend the year before. (It would be a disaster for some publishers). Imagine textbook exercises where the chips may be interchangeable or substitutable. (It would be a disaster for some publishers). Imagine that we had a democracy and some representatives who give the face and were responsible for their actions and that they could be held accountable for their actions and they had to pay for their mistakes.