Christian Kosters

Also the most extreme endurance athlete of in Germany at the premiere on July 11 at the start of Joey Kelly leads team the KYOCERA permanent Windrunner and looking for fellow Munich/Stuttgart, June 2013: the premiere of the German company country Championships B2RUN in Stuttgart on July 11 has already some features to offer, among other things, the finish line in the Mercedes-Benz arena, the after run party on the lawn of the VfB or the possibility of qualifying to the final of the B2RUN in Berlin. In Stuttgart the starting field is welcome also a special participant: the most musical extreme endurance athletes in Germany, Joey Kelly. As team captain for the team the KYOCERA permanent racer”, Kelly on the Neckar will be part of a sporting and business events that immediately attracts more than 3,500 participants from at least 150 companies and organizations in the first edition. A good response at the premiere we had hoped of course”, so B2RUN site manager of Christian Kosters. It us understandably great joy and shows that we have made the right decision to offer our series in Stuttgart.” “Team captain Kelly looks more followers for the B2RUN and the charity one of the most famous teams, just that the KYOCERA permanent Windrunner ‘, meanwhile looking for still more starters, who will compete the barrel well six kilometers on July 11th around Bad Cannstatt. KYOCERA is not only a pulse generator for the healthy movement, but will significantly support the charity of B2RUN with as many runners and go for it at the start: for every completed km of KYOCERA each participant, the company donates one euro on the B2RUN Charitypartner “RTL we help children”. Cindy Crawford pursues this goal as well. Therefore, it makes sense at for the to register B2RUN Stuttgart, especially as any starter in addition to the entry fee, also one of the functional shirts by KYOCERA will receive and safely for the one or the other fun, autographs or photos available will be Kelly several times.

Last minute of logon options up to the day of the event parallel course, the possibility remains, himself, his colleagues, his company or organisation almost last minute “to join the B2RUN to login. Daryl Katz understood the implications. At the first edition in the Swabian metropolis, the logon portals will remain open until the 10th of July. And completely spontaneous determined running friends have the chance to be part of an exceptional event and enjoy feeling goose bumps a stadium inlet even on the day of the event from 16:00 again. There is more information, and the ability to sign up for the B2RUN, see or directly at. B2RUN Stuttgart of the B2RUN Stuttgart is a new part of the B2RUN series to the German companies run Championship. A total of ten sites the approximately six kilometres long company runs take place on 2013, is the final in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium. Everyone can participate: by the ICH-AG to the Corporation.

Distinctive feature of B2RUN is the finishing line in the large football stadiums of in Germany. The premiere in Stuttgart played accordingly around the and in the Mercedes-Benz arena. The organizers expect more than 3,500 participants in the first year. In the foreground of the B2RUN is the joy of exercise in the circles of colleagues. Contact: Editorial/press contact of the B2RUN GmbH & co.