Can you remember when you were the last time that somebody indicated a lack to him? Doubt that does not fit it at some time passes that us to all of the life. Although it is certain that much of the critic that is received comes around from ill-disposed people to ours, also we must admit that in ocaciones the critic comes from people who worry about our well-being. A husband could sear to him to his wife whom to the food it needs salt, a wife could comment her husband to him who that necktie does not combine with the suit that chose, a friend could express to us that we are neglecting and losing the line, etc. hard also Could be that the critic comes in the form of discipline, in order to improve generally in some aspect of our performance; " it tries to arrive at some future date &quot more early; , " you are oyendo that music too much fuerte" , etc. Now the question is, how reacted the last time that faced a critic? It accepted it with taste, or one got angry and until it said to him to the person who stopped putting in which to not it matters him? If you are of the people who get upset she is not to surprise so that infinity of people react just as you but, so healthy what is to react thus? We can learn to accept the critic without it hurts so much to us, and to see it in its measured joust? Analizemos together five ways to make it more acceptable. It controls his worse critic. This it is the first and more important point in which to work. Are too demanding you with itself? Perfectionist? He is always thinking about his points " dbiles"? If we are plagued people of self-criticism always he will affect in great way the one to us that another our lack remove to us.


I imagine the ideal picture and perceived how this goal would be its life when realising. Everything went very well until the day arrived, where the majority of the goals dies, at the moment at which the first obstacle in the way arises and we were discouraged. Talvez we told somebody our goal and it discourages to us with his negative commentaries. How many of its goals they have not met the challenge of not paying attention to these opinions? Can remember the last goal that did not surpass east obstacle? Any goal fills that it of emotion, and the result is extraordinary, will tend obstacles, otherwise it would not be a goal that is worth the pain. If its goal is valuable, it has by certainly will be obstacles, but that does not have to stop it. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from actress. Mark Twain said: Within 20 years you will regret more the things than it did not do, that of the things that did. Three principles that will help him to overcome the challenge of the obstacles.

1. It turns his idea into a goal When it does not establish the parameters to measure what wishes to reach, we are only speaking of one good idea. It needs to establish WHEN? And HOW? The idea: I want to lower of weight the goal: The 1 of December of this year, my weight will be of 75 kg Although it does not know clearly the panorama, it establishes when and it goes how it to reach. In addition it is important to establish which is the true goal, this will give flexibility him to make adjustments to the plan, without changing the final destiny. The true goal is not to leave to run, the true goal is to have more energy, to have a more healthful body, or to see itself better.

Customized Diet Free

In this article I recommend 3 steps to him so that you can free create his customized diet of natural and effective way. Metablico type the first step that you must carry out is the one to investigate what is its metabolic type, this in order to provide to its organism the suitable portions to him of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Internet you can enter to the following direction and read on the matter: Clicks Here If It wishes To read More About the Metablico Type Customized Diet Once it already knows what is its metabolic type, the following step is to create the customized diet for you and not the one that everybody carries out. That is to say, the general diets for everybody do not work. It is therefore that many people do not manage to lose weight with the same diet, in the best one of the cases, since in worse of the cases, can finish in a hospital clinic because its organism underwent a decompensation. In summary, the diets must be personal and never general. The people we needed different portions from fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Chemical decontamination of its Colon and Liver Once or it knows his type metabolic and that or it created his customized diet, then we initiated with the step number one.

Yes, already I know what you can be thinking. How? Why it did not initiate Sandy with this step? Good, the answer is that if I initiate with this step, the possibilities that you continued with the plan they would be minimum. Crame. Many diseases have their origin in their colon and liver. It would be surprised of the good that can be felt people if they only cleaned his colon once a year. Good, because first that you must do it is to worm his colon and liver and later to create the customized diet for his organism taking into account his metabolic type. It clicks Here If It wishes To read More on the Importance Of decontaminating Colon and Liver If you follow these 3 steps, I assure to him that it will manage to quickly lose weight of natural way and without killing themselves of hunger.