Although the experience of aging as a progressive physical deterioration of our bodies, the aging process, according to some preliminary case studies appears to be easier to understand on another level of our being. This is what is called bio-field level. Many of us have heard the term “aura.” Well this is one small way that energy representation of the bio-sphere. This bio-field has been demonstrated (see Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe) that contains embedded in it’s own life story. In other words, what experience and his personality, his conscience and the memories of her life seem to be stored in this field in the form of Bio-energy. I have over the last ten years working with a new tool called Process resonance of mind (TM) to cure a person’s past emotional traumas are stored in your consciousness and therefore in their bio-field.

I’ve done several anecdotal observations reveal that when a trauma that is MRP released by an individual not only begins to feel younger, but actually begins to “look” younger. to the same conclusion. These observations have inspired me to try to document the changes with the age-related control, such as markers of the levels of DHEA and testosterone levels in middle-aged men in future studies. It is known that both DHEA and testosterone levels decrease in a fairly predictable half-life. I have the intention to manage MRP men in this age group to show whether MRP can be shown to reverse these trends. What does this mean? It suggests that aging is related to the accumulated “emotional” trauma that the experience and “carry” in our field such as bio-toxic information.

This information is then toxic and cascades (see “The Divine Holographic Energy Field”) and disrupts the functioning and integrity of the physical body at all levels. The result is disease and aging. What I am seeing now is that MRP This information can be released permanently and that this seems to “rearrange” the bio-sphere so that the body can heal spontaneously. This appears then to manifest itself as a younger, healthier body. Aging then, in the bio-field that appears to result from an accumulation of toxic substances traumatic emotional memories stored there as information on end. The interesting thing is that all this can be deleted (see “Eliminating the Past” and “We Are Not Our Personalities“) with MRP. So the next question is, is aging really necessary? In an article entitled “Do you love your body?” I make the point that it is the toxic environment created by this toxic information storage, bio-field, who “convinced” or “forces” to leave our physical bodies. If this medium is cleaned, however, would not have much motivation to make a point to get rid of your body? I doubt it.