Anxiety in Kids

Like the adults, the children can also suffer of anxiety. In fact, the anxiety in children is due to hope at specific moments during the development and is in those cases watched like normal (for example, the first day of school). Some children can also suffer of excessive timidity and can fight to adjust to new situations. They can still not have the ability to vocalize his sensations, nor the capacity to handle them – causing that their fears and anxieties is still more difficult so that they face up to him. The majority of the children is scared of brief duration, and grows quickly outside them whereas they learn with the experience that is no true danger in the things that fear. For example, a boy will learn that there are no monsters underneath the bed or that when the mother goes away for the work, she will return at the end of the day. This is watched like routine part of the development. Some children are more anxious than others and can need reinsurance or additional aid a professional, especially if a disorder is suspected anxiety.

The anxiety becomes a problem if it begins to affect the daily routine of his boy or if it is causing to his young significant agitation. When is normal in the boy the anxiety? It is normal that all the children feel certain anxieties in the development stages. Between 7 and 11 months, the young people will often feel anxious around unknown faces. Between 7 months and the 3 years, the majority of the children feels anxiety when they are separated of his caretakers. The young children can be scared of brief duration, such as fear of the darkness, the storms, animal, or monstruos" , and they often develop temporary phobias after bad particular experiences.