Carlos Marx

But for the people who do not know or not the policy decides the subsidy if my memory serves me right began in the first years of the call Revolution, in 60, nonmemory the exact year in which the famous notebook arises from supplyings. But that from the first years the calls began rationings and his control philosophies, on nutritional products, the clothes, the shoes, until the toys of the children entered that philosophy of rationing. And now I reiterate again, realize of which those subsidies are a hindrance. The subject now of Cuba is that if clears the notebook a group of citizens exists not little who if they happened hunger having notebook now will be worse, so that their income do not give to complete their fan of basic needs with an open market and prices more than elevated. Also it will happen that the level of social inequality would go off over the levels anticipated by Marx and Engels in the systems communist, so that it will abrir plus the breach between the social classes, that without doubts already see in Cuba, to say to a ex a owner of a wine cellar and a doctor, when in normal the doctor it must have a cup of income superior to the one of a owner of a wine cellar and in Cuba if we go away by the wage because it is certain that the owner of a wine cellar gains less income, but this it embezzles and it lives as it gives the desire him. Desire not to put another example so that serious to rain on the dunked thing, but the able one detested by Marx and Lenin is an utopia in Cuba. The governing s the calls censure to vox populis conducts little revolutionary, but the reality of today in the Cuban society is that those conducts little revolutionary have pregnant to the island of Mart and Maceo.

Where a boy no longer is satisfied to the school and the health, if my memory serves me right Carlos Marx said that our children look themselves more like their times than to their parents. For that reason the children wish computers, nintendo, ipod and all that rain of technology that not this within reach of the pockets averages of the Cuban mothers and parents. For that reason he astonishes to me tremendously that Raul I castrate and its power group of discoverers of the cold water, awake dunked of which the economy of Cuba is a disappointment by the great subsidies. Without intention to offend nobody, but really that gives laughter. It is not necessary to be professional economist nor of some branch to understand that never I work. For that reason desire to do a question to them to the gentlemen who direct Cuba. If it is a hindrance for the Cuban economy the subsidies that I implant, brutal and cruel imperialism or Fidel and your of accomplice of its ideas? It will be that they look for more increase of currencies by means of the familiar remittances to rest the deficit and the results of the bad planning of the Cuban economy? Really that you do not realize damage that the defenseless citizens do to him than their wage or pension does not have more income than? Whichever I would like that some of you responded my questions. Thanks PS: if they wish to write debatecuba@ to me yahoo.