Choosing Puppies

So, you've come to the conclusion that this breed is for you, have decided to purchase a puppy and its floor. Let's start from the beginning. Where to buy a Yorkshire terrier puppy? Never buy puppies York market or pet store. Remember, in this case the person selling you the dog is not its owner, but merely acts as a mediator. He can not tell you anything about the puppy or its parents. Do not obsess on prices, the health of your baby is more important than the pursuit of cheapness. The only way to get healthy and beautiful Puppies apply to a private breeder, a kennel or club. Thus, you get a guarantee that you will always help, advise and give professional advice.

If you have the opportunity to visit several kennels or breeders, do not neglect it. When contacting the breeder beforehand and in detail tell him what puppy you want to see in my house and what the purpose of acquiring the dog: the desire to have a pet or a future champion, a member of prestigious exhibitions. If you considering what is the difference, please see the article "Puppy for exhibition or for home?" Now we shall proceed from the fact that you're going to get the kid home. What should be the puppy? 1) Puppies better to buy two-, three-month old. In Puppies are already self-sufficient and independent of the mother. It is sufficiently developed, is well adapted to their diets and diet. Besides, it's the right age to start lessons to teach cleanliness in the house.