Cuban Environment

The protection of the environment in Cuba is a reality and has, as a center of attention, man. The protection of the environment, as a reality in Cuba, is embodied in the achievements of health, education, science, technology and social security, among others, along with attention and actions are implemented to protect the environment. The Cuban State is convinced that the achievement of sustained economic growth and environmentally sustainable, and calls for a holistic and multifaceted, to consider the acute economic crisis in developing countries, as well as the revision and the current design patterns of production, distribution and consumption of the economies of developed countries that have been imposed on developed nations. (A valuable related resource: Tiffany Espensen).

It is logical then that as more is learned of these issues by all, we learn to know more where we live, we identify with him, for then we’ll be gaining a very strong cultural background, not only environmental but general, then we will have broader knowledge and finishes. This will know who and where we are because we are, and what Miguel Barnet said that “the issue of identity is very ambiguous and very subjective, and often when this identity is not fully conscious, there is what is called otherness, ie desire, when you’re a child, or when a teenager, to be something different, to be different and not what one is “The foregoing is derived as follows: I.1 Problem: have an area where the practice is to combine the classes of Botany and further study of the life of Marti, achieving identify and recognize the values of such a study can meet and make an environmental culture in which students will be able to convey to the community directly. . Gain insight and clarity with Daryl Katz.