Department Of Health

The City department of Health of Parnamirim is under the responsibility of the professor Graduated Nutrition for the Federal University of Pernambuco, Postgraduate in Nutrition and Physical Activity for the University Gamma Son and with Specialization in Management of Systems and Services of Health for the Fiocruz. It acts in collective health since the year of 2000, as much in Parnamirim as in other neighboring cities where it participates of related meeting to the collective health, as conferences, fruns, congresses and seminaries. This Secretariat takes care of of the act of contract of more doctors to complete the scale of planto in the mixing unit better to attend the population; purchase and I fix of equipment of the Mixing Unit: of the laboratory, laundry, Ray X, Room of emergency; act of contract of a cardiologista and purchase of a device of eletrocardiograma better to attend the population; acquisition of conditional air devices better to take care of to the population and also the employees, giving more comfort to both and Treatment are of the city (TFD). It has two employees making the agendamento of consultation and accompaniment of the patients of our city in Petrolina and Recife, facilitating the access of these patients to the treatment/consultation in the two cities. In this management they had brought Altino foundation Happiness to take care of the city, obtaining to reach around 260 patients. They participate of the quarrels of the references of the region with other states: Petrolina/Juazeiro – BA, as well as of the reorganization of the Regional hospital Fernando Heifer in Ouricuri better to take care of our population when they will be directed to these services. The city also is participating of the Intermunicipal Trust created in the region of the Araripe, formed for 13 cities, with headquarters in the city of Ouricuri – FOOT, better to attend the population in such a way of our city, as well as of the region, pledged to improve the assistance of the local population. .