Distance Learning

More and more mothers and fathers want to educate themselves increasing the number of single parents in Germany again. While she have ever achieved in the 1980s a historical Zenith had, she went back again in the 1990s. But now the only er zeihen ends are increasing again, is the ratio of the parents who need to raise their children alone, 20 percent in the nationwide Durchschnittt. The proportion of single parents is already over 40 percent in some parts of Germany including Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Daryl Katz, New York City contributes greatly to this topic. The women of course still form the largest proportion of single parents, but also single fathers are no longer a rarity by now. Many of these single mothers and fathers would also, in addition to raising children and part-time job educate themselves, to after the children a little taller and sebstandiger are to have an optimal start into the professional world.

Because the opportunity to educate themselves through a correspondence course, obvious of course. More and more single parents to do so. Because in a correspondence course, students, in contrast to the study of presence, can decide freely when and where to learn. This also implies that you can deal with the study books or one uninstall tasks, while one supervised the kids the toys. If you don’t have time to learn despite the free schedule, there is also the possibility to customize the anytime to your needs, for example, by studying part time or repeat a semester. During each Semsters, there is the need to be present at the remote school site only during the presence of seminars or the tests. These seminars take place but only two to three times per semester, usually in the form of a Wochenendseminars. More and more universities offer however study centres in several cities, where wants to can take the exams and completed the Prasenzsemianre, so distance University Hagen offered, for example, a distance learning center in Berlin until 2012 the largest and only national Distance University of in Germany as a whole 13 distance learning centers have built up. That sounds but a positive trend because single parents must no longer search for a babysitter for the campus seminars and exams. The efforts of the remote schools speak so sure that the trend will continue, that are more and more single parents to remote students.