Ed Brazilian Civilization

Exactly knowing of the risks the health, this practical still is stimulated by the friends and girls who make certain requirements for the body perfect, many times inspired in youthful novels and the magazines of fashion. It does not have doubt of that the practical one of physical exercises is important for the development of the adolescents and the maintenance of the aged adults and, so that they can have a healthful life. The orientation must be made by a qualified professional and an academy duly enabled to supply the necessities of the individuals that they consider the training. However, the physical evaluation and the ticket for a doctor to initiate a good training are indispensable. Valley to point out that miracle does not exist, the desired body takes time and the good form not only requires a continuous training and ‘ ‘ fevers of vero’ ‘.

They still exist ‘ ‘ atletas’ ‘ of weekend, individuals that lead a sedentary weekly life and to Saturdays or sundays play soccer, make walked, walk of bicycle or any another sport, however this practical can generate risks the health, why in the greater part of the times does not have accompaniment of a professional. She has a difference in the reality of each individual, that is, each person must adapt optimum it for its life. Remembering the Greek philosopher Aristotle who teaches in them: ‘ ‘ The virtue is in the way termo’ ‘. It wants to say: everything in the certain measure, without suffering and with pleasure in the life that lead and the body that has.