Fast Hiking – Save On Corsica – Action Week Over 100 Euro

Discover unique cheap in September Corsica – soak up sun and energy! In September the fast path to discover the island of Corsica and save at full fasting hiking program money in the budget. People such as singer would likely agree. Thanks to the many low-cost direct flights with GermanWings from several German airports to Bastia, there are simple and cheap travel options. Fast walking in Corsica, the island of beauty, a mighty mountain in the Mediterranean Sea, wild and of course but at the same time also graceful and charming. Beautiful sandy beaches, rocky coves, dizzying peaks and saftg Green River valleys this gem has become a real paradise for nature lovers. Ford contains valuable tech resources. Gray, green and pink granite Mountains rise up to 2700 m height from the time azure, then Emerald sea up. Fasting and fasting hiking with Andre records storage, your fasting Fastenwandernspezialist in Corsica ( fast /) offers Constitution information type just fasting: juice fasting, fruit fasting, soup Lenten, base fasting, or that time-tested Buchinger fasting.

Special fasting programs such as anti cellulite fasting, Clean-Out a very fast – intensive liver / Gallereinigungs and regeneration spa offering programmes complement. Associated with morning exercises of Yi Jin Jing, qigong and bioenergetics at the sandy beach, in the Seminarpavillion, or settle a complete wellness package for the well-being and the everyday Yourte against the mountain backdrop which results in Castagniccia, evening lectures, or practical applications and exercises. We on pine and cork oak forests, Eucalyptushaine, the famous Corsican chestnut forests, mountain lakes, torrents and waterfalls meet at walking, fasting and fasting hiking in Corsica. The enticing scent of the Maquis from Myrtle, lavender, sand berries, thyme, Cistus, mint, gorse, Rosemary and Sage is our companion. There are medieval villages and hamlets, churches, monasteries and Genoese bridges visited and visited, which often only about old donkey paths between Citrusbaumen and Corsican maquis to reach are. List Chief of fasting hiking the waterfall of Santa Maria di Poggio, the Monte Negrine, Monte San Angelo, Monte San Pitrone, the white cross, encounter with wild pigs, Panorama altitude of Velone, Genoese bridge of San Nicolao, the Customs officers visit the haunted, abandoned at the to do”for this time hamlet soprano, centuries-old chestnut trees, the Lake of Chiatra, the chapel of Santa Marie and the former Royal seat of Cervione. In September, the best time starts after the hot summer in Corsica.

On the island, the air is warm in September about 25 degrees, the water has about 22 degrees. The correct temperatures are fasting wandering to discover this island of dreams and afterwards to refresh with a dip in the sea water. More information is available on the Web page fast / fastenwandern_ostkueste.htm, or living directly from Corsica, longtime fasting hiking guide Andre records storage. Contact: Constitution information type just fasting and fasting hiking with Andre Restau Avenue de Poggio-F-20213 Folelli Corsica, France, Europe phone: + 33 638 791 143 fast / i_fastenwandern_abnehmen.htm Facilitator: Dipl.Ing. Andre Restau