Feet Together

Vertical jump with feet together, a physical test that works the explosive force of the lower member of our body. Thus, we add another physical test of strength to our collection of tests, and also is jumping. Previously we saw the physical test of horizontal jump feet together, today we also do a vertical jump with feet together. Before the physical test you must warm correctly, how in any test you are going to do. Once we are ready to do our best vertical jump we place ourselves in the initial position, i.e., stand sideways next to the wall, with drooping arms and feet apart at shoulder width. Once the examiner us signal jumped. Center for Environmental Health may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

I advise that you inclineis to skip over the trunk forward flexionais legs and swing arms. Here are some things to give you more momentum when it comes to jumping. But not you to continue these instructions to the letter, this is only theory and the best technical way to jump. But once you’re there to jump, the best way is to Salt Lake naturally, i.e. spontaneously, how it will be more comfortable. When you’re in the phase of flight, you stretch to the maximum the trunk and alargas arm closer you are to the wall to mark with a chalk (or anything else) to where you’ve jumped.

The jump distance is the distance from the ground to the point where you have come. To improve your jumping ability you can visit the article how to improve jumping ability? He speaks a little about exercises and things to do to improve your jump. I tell you how to improve is to do exercises as squats to strengthen legs. Original author and source of the article.