Food and Exercise

Do not seek to stunning results – 20 kg per month. 2-3 kg will be enough; plan your diet in advance. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits. Boiled chicken and chicken broth soups, fish, Fig. Do not exclude from the list of milk products – cheese, yogurt Eat often, but not enough. So that felt light hunger major in nutrition should be lunch. Eat the same thing as before (soups, second), but to a lesser extent, gradually reducing the dose; Do not cram the night. In principle, the better to avoid overeating Sugar and salt use in very small amounts, as well as butter Oil Most drink, but no tea or coffee, water or juice.

2 kit. Exercise. Buttocks: For the next exercise you will have to kneel down, stretch her hands to the floor and straining buttocks and pulling the toes, make a straight swing leg. The amplitude of the stroke should not be large. At each step you need to do 20-30 strokes Lying on the floor, bend your knees, hands over the body. Squeeze your buttocks and sharp "push" up the lower torso. Repeat 30-40 times. Hips: Start with squats – with or without weights, you decide, as long as during exercise, you're not digging a heel from the floor, thighs parallel to the floor holding strictly, back straight, feet slightly wider than shoulder width, squat without weight or with up to 5 kg should be carried out in three sets, 25-30 times, gradually increasing the number of sit-ups for the approach squats with weights performed in two sets of 10-30 times; For this exercise you will need a chest Expander (available it can be in any sporting goods store).