Foundation Joo Pinheiroem Beautiful Horizontecom

The IDH if bases on the notion of capacities, that is, everything what a person is apt to carry through or to make. In this direction, the human development would have, as meant ampler, the expansion not only of the wealth, but of the potentiality of the individuals to be responsible for activities and processes more valuable and valued. Thus, the health and the education are states or abilities that allow an expansion of the capacities. (the PNUD, 1990 apud MINAYO, HARTZ and BUSS, 2000, p.2) Still, according to author above related, the IDH sufficiently is used and was the inspiration for the creation of the Index of Conditions of Life (ICV), developed for the Foundation Joo Pinheiroem Beautiful Horizontecom intention to study the situation of the mining cities. The ICV are composed of 20 pointers in five dimensions: 1) income (familiar per capita, degree of inaquality, percentage of people with insufficient income); 2) education (tax of illiteracy, average number of years of study, percentage of the population with less 04 years of study, percentage of the population with less than 08 years of study and percentage of the population with more than 11 years of study); 3) infancy (percentage of children that works and percentage of children that does not frequent the school).

The quality of life in work (QVT) has been an alternative for administrators, technician and researchers objectifying to fight the negative effect of the taylorismo, that involves the concern with the satisfaction of the necessities of the people and the humanizao of the work relations. (BECKER, BOSSARDI, OLIVEIRA, TOSO, p.2, 2011) Therefore, the quality of life in the work is had as an option for the improvement of the existing relations in the work of the individuals, bringing benefits in such a way for the workers how much for the production. Quality of Life in Trabalho (QVT) The author Jnior (2011, p.02) apud Huse & Cummings (1985) explains, in its workmanship, the points of bigger convergences and concerns on the dimensions that would bring to the individual one better quality of life in the work.